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Bao Li poetry portable cup glass cup with lid transparent sub household creative men and women readily cup leak Specials

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Glass color: colorless, transparent
  • Shape: Blown
  • Capacity: 301mL (including) -400mL (inclusive)
  • Brand: JOY- PLUS / Li Po poem
  • Item: A80 Mood for Love
  • Color Classification: Mood for Love Rose (360 ml) Mood for Love Sky Blue (360 ml) Mood for Love Purple (360 ml) orange Mood for Love (360 ml) Mood for Love pink (360 ml) Mood for Love apple green (360 ml) pattern Love black (360) A10 500ML A10 pink Rose 500ML A10 elegant black 500ML A10 500ML A10 orange sky blue green fruit 500ML 500ML A10
  • Main map Source: Independent real shot chart