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Taiwan Mingwei Power NES-350-36 349W 36V9.7A (exquisite gift delivery ...)

Taiwan Mingwei Power NES-350-36 349W 36V9.7A (exquisite gift delivery ...)
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MW / Ming-wai
  • Model: NES-350-36
  • Modulation: Pulse width modulation
  • Connection: full-bridge
  • Function: Power transformer

■ Optional accessories
■ Selection points
1. The power supply output voltage must be equal to the load voltage. The voltage does not match the possibility of burning your device or can not start
2. The power output power must be greater than the load power. Otherwise overload protection occurs when the output current is greater than the overload protection current
3. The power supply output current must be greater than the load start current (for inductive loads such as motors). Otherwise it may cause overload protection at startup, can not boot
■ Product brief

A new generation of switching power supply, the relative Mingwei power of the old models, the volume reduced, the performance of a comprehensive upgrade, two-year warranty, lower prices, is the certification of low-power power supply the best solution.

■ New Products

Energy-saving, lightweight, miniaturization is the eternal pursuit of Ming-wai power supply, the model will be updated and better replacement model (click to enter) alternative, as early as early to benefit the new models better performance, better prices , Lighter, thinner, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, longer warranty.

■ Key features
Switch Selects the AC input voltage range
Short circuit protection / overload protection / over-voltage protection /Overheating protection
Through the international safety certification UL
Can withstand high voltage input 300Vac 5 seconds
Built-in constant current limiting circuit
Built-in automatic temperature control DC fan forced air cooling
Shanghai Lezi Technology Development Co., Ltd. Production
Small size, high power density
Cost-effective, highly reliable
100% full load aging test
The best solution for low power supply with safety certification
Taiwan Mingwei brand, Guangzhou factory production
2 year warranty
■ The main parameters
DC output range 36V, 0 ~ 9.7A
Output voltage accuracy ± 1%
Ripple 240mV
effectiveness 87%
Input voltage range By the switch to choose 90 ~ 132VAC / 180 ~ 264VAC / or 254 ~ 370VDC
Input inrush current Cold start 230V when the 60A
Voltage adjustment range Rated output voltage ± 10%
Overload protection Overcurrent at 105% to 135%, constant current limiting, automatic recovery
Over-voltage protection Rated output voltage of 115% to 145%, restart recovery
Overheating protection 85 ° C ± 5 ° C (30-48V) (TSW1 detection housing) Turn-off voltage, automatic recovery after cooling
Start, rise time 230VAC full load time 1000ms, 50ms
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Insulation properties Between input and output: 3KVac, between input and housing: 1.5KVac, between output and housing: 0.5KVac, 1 minute
Operating temperature -20 ~ + 60 ℃ (reference temperature drop curve)
Anti-vibration 10 ~ 500Hz, 3G 10 minutes / cycle, XYZ each axis for 60 minutes
Safety Certification Pass UL60950-1, CE: Low voltage command
Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard Launch: EN55022 (CISPR22) class A
Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard Anti-interference: EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, ENV50204, EN55024, Class A light industry standard
Mean time between failures ≥23.43 million hours, MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ℃)
Wiring 9P / 9.5mm with cover terminal block
Dimensions 215 × 115 × 50mm (length × width × height)
Shell number 912C
Weight and packaging 1.07 kg, 12 per box / 13.5 kg, 0.026 cubic meters

■ Optional paperback method

Installation guidelines

Shell type switching power supply

The shell-type power supply consists of a metal case and a plastic case, and the internal PCB is wrapped in a case and is usually installed in the system cabinet.Mingwei Power is divided into two types according to the power rating and design concept: Cooling fan, the other is without a fan.


1. Before installation or maintenance work, disconnect the power supply from the system and ensure that it is not automatically reconnected without notice!
2. Please refer to the housing diagram on the sample manual for the most appropriate mounting screws. 'Buy power supply for Leeds with Mingwei'. For questions call 400 600 0430.
3. The non-standard installation direction or the power supply operating at high ambient temperatures will cause the temperature of the internal components of the power supply to rise and should be used in the load. Please install according to the optimum mounting direction of the specifications and determine the power supply according to the temperature- Good work load.
4. Fans and vents can not have something to block, if there are other heat sources nearby, at least it should be kept with a distance of 10-15cm
5. The following is recommended wiring specifications
AWG 18 16 14 12 10 8
Rated current (A) 6A 6-10A 10-16A 16-25A 25-32A 32-40A
Wire cross-sectional area (mm square) 0.75 1.00 1.5 2.5 4 6
Note: The maximum surge current is only applicable to 1-4 core, 5 core surge current can not exceed the rated current of 80%
Ensure that all wires of the wire are in the terminal block and tighten the terminal screws to prevent poor contact.
6. Please refer to this website for other information on the product


1. In order to prevent the risk of electric shock and burns, all power failure, please pass the qualified electrician inspection, it is strictly forbidden to remove the power shell.
2. Do not install the power supply in a humid environment and near water.
3. Do not expose the power supply to high temperature environments and near fire sources. Please refer to the specifications to determine the maximum ambient temperature for power applications.
4. The output voltage and output current can not exceed the ratings specified in the specification.
5. The ground wire (FG) must be connected to the ground. 'Buy the power supply for the use of Mingwei', please call 400 600 0430.
6. All power supplies are designed according to the EMC regulations, and can be supplied with a test report for the relevant power supply, as the power supply is only part of the application system.