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Europe Bry-the-ear hearing aids for the elderly elderly elderly deaf ear wireless invisible debug Free

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Shenzhen
  • Hearing aids category: Wireless canal
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Hearing Aid
  • Brand: OPARI / Europe Bry
  • Model: ZDC-901A
  • Value-added services: seven days no reason to return
  • Executive Standard: YZB / Cantonese 1070-2012
  • Registration No: Guangdong Food Drug armed (prospective) word 2014 No. 2460229
  • Company: Shenzhen Sino-German Technology Co., Ltd. Hearing
  • Disease: Hearing loss hearing impaired
  • Symptoms: Deafness
  • For people: Any
  • Optional hot: Simple low-noise operation stealth wireless
  • Color Category: second special film right ear (red digital models) + family kits left ear (blue digital models) + family kits binaural configuration (red + blue) + family kits)