Classic EDC tactical telescoping spring quickly hung keychain | outdoor rope key ring

Classic EDC tactical telescoping spring quickly hung keychain | outdoor rope key ring

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: EDCGEAR
  • Item: Telescopic quickdraw
  • Price tag: 30
  • Color classification: stainless steel color stainless steel color umbrella paragraph Punisher paragraph JEEP models found models stainless steel color models Dakar
  • Time to market: 2013 Fall

Customer Want:

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20145 Arrival month

: product description

Name: Universal telescopic / spring type / key ring / keychain

Size: key ring diameter of about 4CM, comes with a small key ring diameter of about 2CM

Wire stretched length 63CM

Weight: 31G

Color: Silver (color in kind prevail)

Pattern: umbrella paragraph, paragraph Punisher

Material: nickel-plated steel shell, all imports of steel wire rope (1.1mm diameter) outsourcing of high strength resin material, laser technology LOGO jumbo high elastic spring spring.

Tip; pull the wire must not use excessive force, likely to cause feedback spring failure.

How to use: key ring is placed on the belt, keys on a key ring, stretching out the door when not in use when you let go, automatically rebound to the waist, avoid frequent random key drop it leads to loss of more features. pro can develop their own

After the quick release is not recommended to pull the rope will lead to reduced life expectancy

Examples of daily use

Two: physical display

Dakar paragraph

Punisher paragraph

Umbrella funds

Umbrella funds

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