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Red rice 2 mobile phone shell red rice 2a set of enhanced version of the metal hm2a original back cover men and women models drop shell

Product code: -5313100030
Unit price 3.18-3.65$
Sold quantity 15000
Available stock 11035
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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: tempered glass
  • Style: back cover
  • Color Classification: Black - Red edge black base - Phnom Penh Apple powder - Pink Apple wind blue sky - Silver edge Apple wind red - Silver edge black - Rose red Apple wind rose red - Silver edge Apple red - Red edge Apple wind black - black edge black edge - black edge white - silver edge upgrade Apple wind blue sky - silver edge upgrade version Apple wind red - silver edge Apple tyrannical gold - Phnom Penh black - silver edge black and white stitching blue and white stitching
  • Style: Simple
  • For mobile phone models: MIUI / millet
  • Model: red rice 2 phone / red rice 2A mobile phone
  • Brand: sign cavalry
  • Model: GHHG-HM201

General 4.7 inches model (Red rice 2 cell phone / red rice 2A mobile phone)

Genuine national 包邮

Limited to send steel film

Red rice 2 / 2A tempered glass special back cover

Received Collection of baby that is free to send six luxury gift

Gifts (tempered glass film * 1 + alcohol wet and dry cloth * 2 + dust plug * 1 + radiation stickers * 1 + bracket*1)