North through Asura TE wireless game controller pc computer Android phone king of glory cf 360 hand TV tour

North through Asura TE wireless game controller pc computer Android phone king of glory cf 360 hand TV tour

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BETOP / North through BTP-2185
  • Brand: BETOP / North -
  • North through the handle: BTP-2185
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Applicable: android platform
  • Color Classification: White mirror gift + OTG adapter handle mirror black velvet bag + OTG adapter handle flannel bag gift glossy white (factory standard) donated handle mirror black velvet bag (factory standard) donated handle flannel bags White + White Silicone Mirror sleeve flannel bag gift handle mirror black + white silicone Case handle flannel bag gift glossy white + blue silicone sleeve flannel bag gift handle mirror black + blue silicone sleeve flannel bag gift handle mirror white + black silicone handle sleeve flannel bag gift glossy black + black silicone Case gift handle flannel bags specular white + USB extension cord gift handle flannel bags mirror black + USB extension cord gift handle flannel bags mirror white + BETOP white cell phone holder + OTG adapter glossy black + North-black cell phone holder + OTG transfer fitting mirror black (factory standard) glossy white (factory standard)
  • Handle features: shock
  • Interface Type: USB

Original North through Asura Silicone Case (n surface band North Pass LOGO Color: white blue light black)
Because Microsoft Win8 system exist BUG, ​​you can not test the handle LT / RT button, but can be used normally in the game, please known!

Sharp Android Smart TV because of their own reasons, do not support the North through any type of handle.

1, FIFA Online3 game, since Tencent updated the game controls on December 16, 2015, all handles Xinput interface protocol, before the game starts you must remove from your computer onto the handle;
2, after the coach to start the game screen appears and then plug in the handle (the handle is to ensure that P, X two lights), we can successfully play the game, otherwise it will not recognize the condition of the equipment appears.
3, this situation is due to update the game control the game company to bring the issue and has nothing to handle, handle all Xinput interface protocols have this problem exists, including Microsoft's Xbox360 and Xbox one360 production handle.

4, game companies need repair this problem in order to solve the game controls, please pay attention to the players gaming companies control a subsequent update message.

About 95% of the buyers consulted the following questions, read tips, shopping easier.

A baby display stock quantity are available from stock.

Second, 15:45 pay good money before, in the absence of special circumstances (such as power failure, network failure, heavy rain and other irresistible factor outside), it can be shipped the same day.

Third, the default courier: pass, rhyme, tact, Cheap EMS or contact online customer service make up the postage difference SF Express pro confirmation order below message will appear to give the seller a message column, you can message you expect delivery inside, not self-select a message warehouse delivery!

Fourth, the express limitation: Express logistics belonging to third parties, we can not guarantee that does not belong to our delivery speed is generally expected to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and one day, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and outside the region, in accordance with the usual experience is that 2-3 days in remote counties and towns. does not rule out 3-5 days above the reference value of days. In case of courier warehouse explosion, accidents, adverse weather conditions, etc. will affect the arrival time, all buyers please understand!

Quality issues Shipment answer : Handles three months replacement, 1 year warranty Accessories: Handle charging cable , Wireless receiver are warranty a month. Products are determined under the objective of failure, 7 days we bear the return shipping, If it is returned to the buyer where the first advance the postage, after confirmation, we will follow the standard hit Taobao shipping insurance buyers Alipay. 8 days -Within one month of their commitment to buyers and sellers sent me postage.

Appearance and distance questions: Depending on the shooting in different lighting and display color problems may cause merchandise in pictures have a little color! Handle white and black surfaces are polished, are mirror shell, look may be grinding marks (scratches), some buyers will be mistaken for the factory after the man scratches, it is not true, this is a mirror design's sake, the products are packaged with seal factory, Can official official website official North-free telephone: 4006754300 to north through the marketing department can consult, please well-known than the wireless controller for a class on the environment is much more demanding wireless mouse signal with the surrounding environment have a great relationship, a lot! the case of wireless distance of about 3 meters -5 meters. Because of its small number of computer motherboard USB reasons, need to re-plug the USB power wireless receiver, please understand.

FAQ wireless distance : Since the USB slot on the TV in the back or side of the body, the body will stop the television signal transmission, plus TV speakers (eg: Desktop chassis power) within a magnet generating a magnetic field will interfere with the transmission of wireless signals, in the case of electricity sufficient to maintain the handle, insert a USB extension cable recommended in the original USB slot, it would be better.

Android devices FAQ: Android 4.0 or more systems with at least one USB slot (such as Android phone, you need the support OTG function OTG data line and since the purchase), with only the most basic conditions of the above conditions, it does not necessarily mean you can use. Some third-party hardware companies (such as: music, as the TV) will often change or upgrade their own hardware system procedures can result before the back can not be used, this is not what we can control, please known.

friendly reminder: Do not open the handle warranty period, otherwise it does not give to the official warranty! (See factory specification)

This product Containing lithium batteries, can not be issued aviation, can only go Qiyun (land).