North Asura TE version | wireless game controller pc360 computer Andrews mobile phone street basket NBA2K17

North Asura TE version | wireless game controller pc360 computer Andrews mobile phone street basket NBA2K17

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BETOP / BTP-2185
  • Brand: BETOP / North pass
  • North through the handle: BTP-2185
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Suitable for: android platform
  • Color Classification: Hyun light white + OTG adapter gift handle velvet bag glare black + OTG adapter gift handle velvet bag glare white + white silicone sleeve gift handle velvet bag glare black + white silicone sleeve gift handle velvet bag glare white + Blue silicone sleeve gift handle fabric velvet black + blue silicone sleeve gift handle velvet bag white + black silicone sleeve gift handle velvet bag glare black + black silicone sleeve gift handle velvet bag white + USB extension cable Black handle + handle + black + USB extension cable to handle the handle velvet bag glare white + North white mobile phone bracket + OTG adapter glare black + North Black mobile phone bracket + OTG adapter Hyun light white (factory standard) gift Handle velvet bag glare black (factory standard) gift handle velvet bag
  • Handle characteristics: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

Original North Asura silicone cover (positive surface band North pass LOGO Color: white blue light black)
Due to the existence of Microsoft Win8 system BUG, ​​can not test the handle of the LT / RT button, but the game can be used normally, please know!

Sharp TV system for smart TV for their own reasons, does not support the North through any type of handle.

1, FIFA Online3 game, because Tencent on December 16, 2015 updated game controls, all Xinput interface protocol handle, in the game before starting the need to pull out the handle from the computer;
2, start the game after the coach screen and then plug in the handle (handle to ensure that the P, X two lights), you can successfully carry out the game, otherwise there will not identify the status of the device.
3, this situation is due to the game company to update the game control problems, and the handle has nothing to do, all Xinput interface protocol handle problems, including Microsoft's Xbox360 and Xbox one360 handle.

4, this problem requires the game company to fix the game controls to resolve, please pay attention to the game player follow-up control updates the game news.

Quality issues Freight answer : Handle three months replacement, 1 year warranty. Product accessories: handle charging line , Wireless receivers are guaranteed for 1 month. Determine the product has an objective failure of the case, 7 days we bear the return shipping, If it is to return to the buyer where the first advance postage, confirmed, we will follow the standard Taobao freight insurance hit the buyer's PayPal. 8 days -Within 1 month of buyers and sellers to bear the postage.

Appearance and Distance Question Answer: Due to shooting light and different display chromatic aberration and other issues may cause a picture of a commodity and a little color! White and black handle surface are polished, are mirror shell, look may have worn marks (scratches), and some buyers will be mistaken for artificial scratches after the factory, in fact, this is the mirror The design of the reason, the products are sealed with a seal factory, Can be the official website inquiries. North through the official toll-free number: 4006754300 transferred to the North through the marketing department can be consulted, please familiar! Wireless control than the wireless mouse a class of much higher environmental requirements, the signal has a great relationship with the surrounding environment, The case of wireless distance of 3 meters -5 meters or so. A few computers because of its own motherboard USB reasons, boot need to re-plug USB wireless receiver, please understand.

Wireless distance problem solving : TV on the USB slot on the back or side of the fuselage, the TV fuselage will block the signal transmission, coupled with the TV speakers (such as: desktop chassis power) has a magnetic field will interfere with the magnetic signal transmission, In the case of sufficient power to maintain the handle, it is recommended to insert a USB extension cable in the original USB slot, the effect will be better.

Andrews equipment questions and answers: Andrews above 4.0 system and at least one USB slot (such as Andrews mobile phone, OTG function and support OTG data line), with the above conditions is only the most basic conditions, does not mean that you can use. Part of the third-party hardware companies (such as: music as TV) often change or upgrade their own hardware system procedures, resulting in before you can use, can not be used later, this is not we can control,.

friendly reminder: Warranty period do not open the handle, otherwise the official does not give the warranty! (See the factory manual)

This product Containing lithium batteries, can not send air, can only take Qiyun (land transport).