CEN· GRAND/century 9I-AD DSD DTS gray 3D HiFi reference | Blu-ray player

CEN· GRAND/century 9I-AD DSD DTS gray 3D HiFi reference | Blu-ray player

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: CEN · GRAND/century gray 9I-...
  • Brand: CEN · GRAND/century gray
  • Model: 9I-AD
  • Package types: the official standard
  • Color category: new version 4K +2TB hard disk as standard packages with resources (send HIFI fever wire) 4K Qian Yuan-class OCC, new gift of single crystal copper, 4TB (music) 4k Qian Yuan-class OCC, new gift of single crystal copper, 10TB (full movie) 4k Qian Yuan-class OCC, new standard standard gift of single crystal copper, Bao Shunfeng!
  • Supported formats: DivX MPEG4 MPEG2 MPEG1 Xvid AVI VOB MP3 WMA DVD-ISO BD-ISO BD-9 BD-25 RBD D5, D9 APE FLAC MKV
  • Storage: internal hard drives
  • Hard drive capacity: 2TB
  • Output resolution: 1920x1080
  • Player categories: hard disk player
  • Subtitle format: SMI SRT LRC txt SUB SSA PGS
  • Overall dimensions: 430mm*345mm*125mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Interface type: HDMI fiber coaxial network interface color audio video USB SATA

Century gray 9I-AD Function Overview:

  • Support APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, CUE and other mainstream digital audio formats (DTS-CD test)
  • Using a USB memory stick, portable hard drive, internal hard drive for order storage media
  • With 7 inch display In order to interface to support selected is shown without reopening of the TV/projector
  • Support iPad/Android Tablet/mobile phone/computer for remote control
  • Hard disk HD MOVIE A/B/C region playback support
  • High-end decoder DAC: built-in United Kingdom Wolfson/Wolfson WM8805+ double WM8741 programme
  • The machine itself is a fever-level decoder, supporting a coaxial audio input, sound quality at least 40%
  • Width depth height: 430mm*345mm*125mm
  • 9i-AD reference digital audio player, gray carefully before making the century. Due to the 5i-A/AD gained a good market reputation, account for a high end digital audio player, the firmware after the breakthrough, 9i-AD came into being. Basic structure follows the independent Audio DSP 5i-AD (Philips high end HiFi Audio DSP) + audio-specific external clock architecture, optimization in power supplies and devices, digital audio output levels increased significantly. 9i-AD audio decode is still a respected century gray double WM8741 simulated part of what century discrete output circuit developed by gray, this is century gray high-end decoder 9i-60S programme. 9i-AD features 7-inch screen and supports Tablet mobile computers and other digital equipment remote control.

    Architecture the following figure of 9i-AD. high-performance audio dedicated DSP from Philips, working frequency 500MHz. Philips's achievements in digital audio is the industry's banner. 9i-AD audio dedicated dual-clock and combinations, formed the great architecture of digital audio playback.

  • As you can see, 9i-AD system clock MCLK differs from other players, clock source directly to the DAC transfer clock signal. Ordinary player, you must use the internal division of DSP MCLK, cannot be synchronized. 9i-AD rely on synchronous technology, DSP and DAC two different systems are able to directly use the clock source, gives the DAC section of clock jitter of clock source of standard 9i-AD high performance, comes from this.

    Music performance: balancing the atmosphere, good, Quality open atmosphere, showing high density, large hi-end of the sound field characteristics

    Some players emphasize the use of a low jitter crystal oscillator, but if the DAC is isolated from the system clock MCLK chip, low-jitter crystal oscillator into the clouds again. SOC chips caused by jitter, crystal oscillator strengths have been exhausted. Therefore, low-jitter crystal oscillator to play a role, but also how to apply it to. 9i-AD gives the applied example.

    9i-AD what a comprehensive player, DA design is critical to performance. 9i-AD century gray praised dual WM8741 programme builds on 9i-60s design, analog output using discrete structures, light feedback high current design, out of the same ' operation burst out. 9i-AD using the Wolfson programme in the industry obtained the authorization of Wolfson, century Gray's digital products are available on the Panel using a special mark Wolfson.

    Century in grey HIFI sours, rely on professional equipment systems, 9i-AD defines what digital player worthy of reference.

    Same as the 5i-AD, 9i-AD still has the top 3 Blu-ray video, why the addition of this feature, digital media player 9i-AD became powerful 3D Blu-ray video capabilities, QDEO image, deservedly became a HiFi audio and video products.

    Sound quality of the Blu-ray music

    Introducing 9i-AD, it will have to introduce Blu-ray music.

    With Blu-ray audio carrier has two forms, one is made of blue disc material CD discs, called 'blue-spec CD' in English, it is, in essence, a CD, with an ordinary CD player. Another is a real Blu-ray discs, but there is no video (or picture), audio only, playing only on the function of Blu-ray players, ordinary CD does not play, its English name was 'blu-Ray audio', or 'Pure audio Blu-ray'.

    Currently, pure music Blu-ray discs are commonly known as what ' Blu-ray CD', such properties exist conflicting versions. Is essentially different from the Blu-ray and CD formats, Blu-ray Blu-ray storage technology is used, a shorter wavelength, CD format using a red light, the longer wavelengths, they are not compatible, so the ' Blu-ray CD' this view is not standard. Century gray will no longer be used in future campaign ' Blu-ray CD' the term unification in Chinese ' Blu-ray music ' replaced English with Blu-ray audio, or pure audio Blu-ray disc. When the actual specific discs can be called ' Blu-ray disc of music ', or ' Blu-ray disc of music '.

    Blu-ray music (Blu-ray audio) since recording began Hou get of data, to zhihou of disc made, are to data file of form into, coding is with no compression of LPCM format, no compression link, more no like CD machine as coding Hou to disc pit points physical length to records data and clock of process, so Blu-ray music disc actually is a Zhang data disc, which of file format why M2TS, can in Windows Xia copy. Is this pure file process, Blu-ray music disc (Blu-ray audio) into why has real meaning Shang of mother with, plus Blu-ray disc up to 50G of save reserves, can capacity Xia more tracks no compression of high sampling signal, in various audio format in the get has highlight of advantage, this advantage in high performance of Blu-ray music play device (5i-A/AD) appeared Hou, get has user of consistent certainly, was recognize why is more SACD of better audio format. 9i-AD after market, high-quality Blu-ray music programs will be more fully shown, fans will experience the Blu-ray music (Blu-ray disc audio) New audio format of the sound quality leap.

    It is important to note: Blu-ray player/Blu-ray products is why video and positioning at the beginning of the audio structure did not design according to HIFI standards, based on the needs to adapt conditionally available, whether imported or domestic products is true. At present, the only century Gray's Blu-ray products (including Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray player, HD) is the use of HIFI audio structures, architecture to the design of the clock system in full accordance with the CD. At this stage the only century gray Blu of Blu-ray products, reinstate the player is real HIFI products.

    Current Blu-ray music programs are few, why major publishers NAXOS companies and Norway 2L. This year, Germany established record companies, such as DG company stepped in Blu-ray music release, a year or two there will be more programs out on the market today.

    Complete music format support

    9i-AD perfect music playback, support 24/192 the following WAV, FLAC, APE and other mainstream audio formats, support for CUE. Also supports DTS formats CD, you can meet the requirements of music appreciation.

    Independent decoding

    9i-AD in addition to a native playback function, also have independent decoding functions, why can a decoder to use. Why century gray standard decoder programme: United Kingdom Wolfson WM8805+ dual WM8741 programme software.

    WM8805+ double WM8741 only century gray completed BUG-free depth of development, the current receive low jitter WM8805 DA WM8741 combined with the simulation. Century gray is Wolfson authorized enterprises, Digital products Can using a special mark Wolfson on the Panel.

    9i-AD decoding WM8741 design, analog output why century gray carefully developed discrete semiconductor circuits. Compared with the op-amp output, because of there is no deep feedback amplifier, Quality open atmosphere, showing high density, large hi-end of the sound field characteristics . Native decoding consistent with the century gray 9i-60s high-end audio decoder, is a century 2013 iconic grey HiFi products.

    Following Board '' Button for 3 seconds, and blue indicator lights to the left of a button panel, machine into independent decoding functionality. According to the sampling of the input signal, Left side of the keypad On the lower three LEDs will be lit. If the input signal in order to 192k/176.4k, above the light, input in order to 96k/88.2k, led, input in order to 44.1k/48k, the following indicator lights.

    Independent decoding only used coaxial digital input ports. Is used to the attention: after booting the first native playback, native mute lift, independent decoding can be achieved if a boot directly into independent decoding will be silent.

    High-end video features

    9i-AD also has powerful video features, with Marvell QDEO technology and Blu-ray 3D capabilities, you can play 3D Blu-ray the original disc and ISO file, and next-gen audio through HDMI output.

    Video using Marvell 88DE3010 scheme, equipped with firmware currently 3010 package complete. Highlights of the video part is: due to the sophisticated technology of hardware, 9i-AD on the picture quality and HD with programmes on the market has some advantages over . But compared with its audio performance, 9i-AD video feature is not prominent.

    9i-AD because of the high-end audio and video features, it is not only the choice of music enthusiasts, but also of choice for both audio and video enthusiasts.

    Good UI interface and Ipad/Android Control function

    9i-AD on the main panel with a 7-inch display, can display playback information, you can also display video, his appearance is consistent with HDMI output. This design greatly facilitates users who listen to music. 9i-AD UI interface will continue to improve in the future.

    If you have a local area network, you can 9i-AD via a wired or wireless network, you can use iPad, Android PAD, ipahoe, Android smart phones, computers and other IT equipment to control playback, which is very convenient.

    Support NFS/DLNA

    By NFS/DLNA play 9i-AD local area network resources on the network. NFS can play the big stream of 3D Blu-ray movie, DLNA can play audio files. Network broadcast sound quality difference with local broadcasts can be heard, lovers can try.

    Technical articles

    Professional HIFI audio architecture

    Century gray and conditionally available for different reason century is one of gray's products from the infrastructure, all follow the HiFi product design specifications.

    Architecture the following figure of 9i-AD. high-performance audio dedicated DSP from Philips, working frequency 500MHz. Philips's achievements in digital audio is a flag and HiFi Chu up. 9i-AD audio dedicated dual-clock and combinations form a rational structure for digital audio playback.

Discrete output circuit

In the DAC analog outputs using discrete devices, basic is the practice of importing high-end equipment. DAC discrete semiconductor circuits requiring high, slight distortion is the back-end equipment amplified 40dB (100 times), so most end in the following decoder, CD machine, without exception, why amplifier output circuit is used, the process is simple, low cost, index is guaranteed. Operational amplifiers are working under a depth feedback State, any amplifiers are hard to avoid deep feedback caused by ' operation burst out ' equipment needs the kind of open air features with powerful sound quality, discrete op-amp circuits and devices compared to no advantage.

Consisting of high-speed digital output circuit

Why digital player, if the analog circuit design will affect the sound quality on the surface, digital circuits, especially signal flow pathways will have an impact on the nature of the sound. After repeated testing, 9i-AD on the clock and digital signal transmission channel Extensive use of high-speed devices , The power module is also made an adjustment, this change is essential, direct sense of listening to is fluency improved sound quality.

Immersion gold PCB

PCB is a hardware based 9i-AD high TG plate manufacturers specifications, production of sink. 9i-AD high performance was supported by dribs and drabs of design.

Structure articles

Rich output interface

9i-AD with rich interfaces, meet the HIFI simulation, digital output output requirements, video and HDMI, chromatic aberration output, auxiliary channel also has an analog output. Also have USB and Ethernet jacks. It can be said that 9i-AD is a digital media playback devices.

This is 9i-AD digital input/output interface: coaxial digital input, the digital coaxial output (Group b in order to direct coupled output, why a transformer-coupled output, differentiated timbre), fiber optic, BNC, AES digital output. Rich interface provides a variety of games.

Multifunction button

Set button on the Panel to compensate for the lack of remote controls. Bullet button design, has a comfortable feel.

7-inch LCD screen

7-inch LCD screen is a bright spot on a Panel, you can display playback information. When playing video, and can also display video screen. LCD screens have a shutdown function, when when it is not needed, you can close the screen. 9i-AD UI interface design adapted to the 7-inch screen, which showed even more beautiful.

3.5-inch hard disk rack

3.5-inch hard disk rack you can insert a 3.5-inch hard drives. Please note: must be without turning on the power to the hard drive is inserted/removed. Native support for 2T hard drive.