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Ai-torque tester HP-10, HP-20, HP-50, HP-100 electric screwdriver

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ai solid
  • Type: GONGLI
  • Item No .: HP10-100
  • HP-10 (10KG) Open HP-100 (10KG) Open HP-100 (10KG) Open the ticket HP-100 HP-50 (50KG) Open HP-50 (50KG) open the ticket HP-20 (20KG) open 17% HP-200 (200KG) Torque accessories without a host metering certificate of a
  • Decoration and construction: procurement of the main material

Does not include the connection to the computer print function, you need to connect the computer storage Print out of the customer need to order another, plus 395 yuan / Taiwan, set 1-2 days, customized products do not refund, please consult the general use do not need to connect Computer, in addition to special requirements outside. Metering friends need to shoot more than a link 400, the general sent to the Bureau of measurement about 5 days,

980 yuan a one-year warranty, life-long maintenance (a total of four specifications, photographed indicate on the line, the price of all the same)

This intelligent HP-100 this specification 980 yuan ! National 包邮, not bargain

450 yuan Separately purchase test cap torque meter accessories

Separate purchase of this set of torque accessories as long as 110 yuan, not including the charger, charger alone 50 yuan

Portable torque tester

Using LCD digital display test values .Easy to read .Not mistakes

Instantaneous inverse direction .Torque can be tested

Highest value retention device .Can be compared

Units can be selected using the unit switch Kgf-cm Nm.or Kgf-cm Lbinch

This machine uses rechargeable batteries .small volume .Light weight .Structural precision .Easy to carry use

Three - stage unit selection switch Kgfcm - Nm. - Lbinch

Can be used with a variety of connecting accessories .To measure the small motor output torque








Measuring range


0.15~ 9.00

0.30~ 18.00

1.5~ 45.0

1.5~ 90.0

5.0~ 180.0


0.15~ 10.00

0.30~ 20.00

1.5~ 50.0

1.5~ 100.0

5.0~ 250.0


0.015~ 1.000

0.030~ 2.000

0.15~ 5.00

0.15~ 10.00

0.50~ 25.00

measurement method

Trace TRACK, keep PEAK


±0.5% Fs

±1.0% FS

power supply (Charging time)

1.2VNiMH batteries ×5Section 1.2VNIHM Charge 6hour

Dedicated charger

Input AC 220V~ 240VOutput DC 7.2V400mA

Fully charged use time


Battery Life

About rechargeable 300Times

size /weight

W×H×D 230 mm ×50 mm ×115 mm 2Kg

Torque Tester new features and changes Instructions:

● Auto power off (automatically turns off after 10 minutes)

● data storage function (can record 100 torque measurements, with storage, browsing, partial deletion, all delete function.)

● Three measurement modes: (PEAK) peak value, (TRACK) follow value, (F.PEAK) The first peak value is maintained with indicator lamp.

● Two kinds of measurement unit conversion, and with indicator: N.m----kgf.cm

● The maximum (Max), minimum (Min) average (Ave) can be calculated automatically.

● Automatic reset torque value function (with toggle switch to adjust the time required for automatic reset)

● Auto-zero (can automatically return to zero)

● The upper limit torque alarm value can be set, and can be prompted with a buzzer.

● Use environmentally friendly NiMH battery (1800mA)

First, the panel description and operation:

1, (POWER) button: power switch.

2, (PESET) key: Reset zero health.

3, (UNIT) button: measurement unit conversion key, press this button to set the measurement unit, the corresponding indicator light ,: N.m.kgf.cm.

4, (MODE) key: Measurement mode key, press this key to select (PEAK) peak, (TRACK) follow the value, (F.PEAK) first peak hold, the corresponding indicator light.

Note: In the (F.PEAK) state, the first measured value remains on the display, even if a greater torque is applied.

5, (SET) key: Set key to cooperate with the function keys, such as (M-SET), (M-CR) keys to use.

6, (BZ) key: Overload alarm key, press the corresponding indicator light, when the measured value exceeds the set maximum load 'MAX' indicator light and an alarm sound.

* How to set the maximum load:

Press the SET key for about 2 seconds, and the display will show 4 digits. The flashing digit can be set by pressing the (▲) key to adjust the '1-9 digits.' Press (SET) to change the decimal point, -1 'is set

Press and hold the (SET) key to exit.

7, (M-CR) button: Memory clear button, only in the (PEAK) or (F.PEAK) state role.

Memory button (M - S E T) settings:

1. The torque meter has a memory storage function, the stored data is 100, when the data is full display F U L.

2. You must activate this function before using the memory function. Press and hold the (M - S E T) button for 2 seconds to enter the memory function (red L E D is on), and press it again for 2 seconds to exit the memory function.

3. With the Memory function on, press the (SE) button to find the last recorded value.

4. With the Memory function on, press the (▲) button to find the first recorded value.

5. The (M - C R) button clears the contents of the memory.

6. To clear all memory data: First, make sure that under the Memory function and then hold down the (M-CR) button for 2 seconds, the display will show as ADL and then press the (M-CR) button. Clear.

Measuring the average torque (A V E) setting:

In this function, the torque meter can measure the average, minimum, maximum.

2. The data analyzed is from 0 0 0 1 to 0 0 1 0, negative values ​​can not be used as the record analysis values.

3. Press and hold the A V E button for 2 seconds, and the L E D red indicator light will illuminate to enter the averaging function.

4, the data recorded under this function can be compared and analyzed, that is, automatically find the average, minimum, maximum.

5. To display the average value, press the (A V E) button to move to the Ave state (a red lamp will light up). The value on the display is the average of the measured values.

6. To display the minimum value, press the (A V E) button to toggle and the light above Min will turn red. The value on the display is the minimum value in the measurement.

7. To display the maximum value, press the (A V E) button to toggle and the light above Max will turn red. The value on the display is the maximum value in the measurement.

After pressing 'RESET' to clear 0, press and hold A V E for 2 seconds to exit the measurement torque averaging function and the new measurement data will be deleted automatically.

Note: 1) Must be in (PEAK) or (F.PEAK) measurement mode to enter into (AVE) mode

2) In the 'AVE' state, the (UNIT) key does not function.

Second, the function settings

(DIP SWITCH) on the back of the tester

DIP switch settings see F diagram

Switch serial number


switch status

P. ON state


1 second RESET TIME (auto-zero time)




5 seconds RESET TIME (auto-zero time)




Stored data is output to a computer or printer




Data output (test real-time graph)



Store the data into the computer Settings:

1, boot, connect the instrument and computer.

2, open the computer program, online, read parameters.

3, (DIP SWTTCH) at the '3' pull to 'ON' position.

4, online success, click on the 'data import'.

5, after the successful introduction of tips.


1) When auto-zero mode starts zeroing will be disabled

2) printer or measurement error connection data output into the display appears 'ERR'

2, the data output (to connect a computer or printer, need special tools)

1) Set the mode switch (PEAK) or (F.PEAK) state.

2) Set the 'DIP' switch '3' to the 'ON' position

3) Connect the data output, (at this time (such as (RESET) key display shows 'ERR' if trying to print will also have the same result)

Note: Turn off the auto-zero function