Torque tester HP-10, HP-20, HP-50, HP-100 power granted torque | can be measured over

Torque tester HP-10, HP-20, HP-50, HP-100 power granted torque | can be measured over

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AI-solid
  • Model: GONGLI
  • Item no: HP10-100
  • Color classification: HP-10 (10KG) open documents HP-10 (10KG) open general votes HP-100 limited 50 Taiwan promoting open documents HP-100 (100KG) open general votes HP-20 (20KG) open documents HP-20 open general votes HP-10 (10KG) open 17% increased votes HP-50 (50KG) open 17% increased votes HP-50 (50KG) open documents HP-50 (50KG) open general votes HP-20 (20KG) open 17% increased votes HP-100 (100KG) open 17% VAT HP-250 (250KG) HP-200 (200KG) a separate torque measurement accessories without host a certificate
  • The decoration and construction: purchase the main material

Does not include computer print function, you need to connect the computer's storage customers need to order additional printed and 395/set, order 1-2-day, order a product not returned do not change, please inquire! General use do not need to connect to computer, in addition to the special requirements. Need to link friends took a measurement of 400 Yuan, sent General Bureau of weights takes about 7-10 days,

980 Yuan, promotional, one year warranty, life-long maintenance (a total of four sizes, took note on the line, the prices are all the same)

The intelligent HP-100 specifications It's $ 980 ! National post, no bargain

It's $ 450 Purchased separately tests Cap torque Tester Accessories

Purchased separately the torque fittings as long as 110 Yuan, not including the charger, the charger alone 50 Yuan

Portable torque Tester

LCD digital display test values .Interpretation easily .No errors

Instantaneous inverse direction .Torque can be tested

Highest value retention device .For comparison

Unit switches to select units kgf-cm N.m.Or kgf-cm Lb.inch

This machine adopts rechargeable battery .Small size .Light weight .Precise structure .Portable use

Three-section unit selection switch – N.m. – Lb.inch

Can be used with a variety of connection accessories .To measure the small motor output torque







Peak value

Measuring range

0.15~ 9.00

0.30~ 18.00

1.5~ 45.0

1.5~ 90.0

5.0~ 180.0

0.15~ 10.00

0.30~ 20.00

1.5~ 50.0

1.5~ 100.0

5.0~ 250.0


0.015~ 1.000

0.030~ 2.000

0.15~ 5.00

0.15~ 10.00

0.50~ 25.00

Measurement mode

Track the TRACK to maintain PEAK




Power supply (Charging time)

1.2VNi-MH battery ×5Section 1.2VNIHM Charging 6Hour

Dedicated charger

AC input 220V~ 240VThe output DC 7.2V400mA

Full charge time


Battery life

About rechargeable 300Times

Dimensions /Weight

W×H×D 230mm ×5mm ×120mm 2Kg

AIGU testers are new features and changed instructions for use:

Auto power off (automatically after 10 min off (OFF))

Stored data (records 100 torque measurement, store, browse, delete, remove all features.)

Measurement mode of three kinds: (PEAK) peak value (TRACK) followed, (F.PEAK) the first peak value, and LEDs.

Two units of measure conversion and with indicator light:

You can automatically calculate the maximum value (Max), minimum (Min), average (Ave).

Automatically reset the torque function (use the toggle switch to the time required to adjust the automatic reset)

Automatic return to zero (automatic return to zero)

Maximum torque can be set alarm values, and beeper on.

Using environmentally-friendly nickel-metal hydride batteries (1800mA)

, Description and operation of the Panel:

1 (POWER) button: the power switch.

2, (PESET) key: reset to zero health.

3, (UNIT) key: a measurement unit conversion button, press this key to set the unit of measurement, the corresponding indicator light,:

4, (MODE) key: measurement mode key, press this key to select the (PEAK) peak value (TRACK) followed, (F.PEAK) the first peak value, the corresponding indicator light.

Note: (F.PEAK) when the measured value remains in the display for the first time, even if more torque is not changed.

5, (SET) key: set the key to meet the function keys, such as (M-SET), (M-CR) key.

6, (BZ) key: overload alarm key pressing this key the corresponding indicator lights, when the measured value exceeds the set maximum load 'MAX' light 併 emits a beep.

© ~ How to set maximum load:

Press and hold the (SET) button for about 2 seconds, display to have 4 digits. Flashing one of which can be set by (•) key to adjust '1-9 digits. ' Press the (SET) converted the decimal point, can be adjusted after setting '0-1'

Press and hold the (SET) key to exit.

7, (M-CR) key: clears the memory key only (PEAK) or (F.PEAK) State.

Memory buttons (m-s e t) settings:

1. the torque detector with memory function, storing data in order to 100 when data is full f u l.

2. before using the memory function to initiate this feature, press and hold the (m-s e t) button for 2 seconds to enter memory function (red l e d light), press and hold this button for 2 seconds again to exit memory function.

3. opened Kai in memory status, press (s-e t) buttons you can find out the value of the last record.

4. opened under Kai in memory function, press the (▲) button you can find the first value of a record.

5. (M-C r) button you can clear the contents of the memory.

6. clearance of all memory of the data: the first guarantee under the memory function, and then press and hold (M-CR) button for 2 seconds, the display shows why ADL, click (M-CR) button, all the data will be cleared.

Average of the measured torque (a v e) settings:

1. In this function the torque meter can measure the average, minimum, and maximum values.

2. Analysis of data from 0 0 0 1-0 0 1 0, negative values cannot be used for analysis of why record values.

3. Hold down button 2 seconds a v e l e d red light. Enter the average function.

4. Under this function compares the recorded data can be analyzed automatically calculate the average, minimum, and maximum values.

5. When you want to display the average you can press (a v e) button into the Ave (there is a red light is on), in order to measure the value of the average of the values on the display.

6. When you want to display the minimum value you can press (a v e) switch button, Min the lights turn red. In order to measure the value of the minimum value on the display.

7. When you want to display the maximum value you can press (a v e) switch button, Max the light turns red. In order to measure the value of the maximum value on the display.

8. 'RESET' Qing 0 then continuous press and hold 2 seconds a v e to exit the measured average torque function, the new data will be automatically deleted. .

Note: 1) will (PEAK) or (F.PEAK) measurement mode to enter (AVE) mode

2) 'AVE', (UNIT) keys do not work.

Second, the feature set

(DIP SWITCH) in the rear test instrument

DIP switch settings see figure f

Switch serial number


Switching State

P. ON state


1 seconds RESET TIME (automatic return to zero)




5 second RESET TIME (automatic return to zero)




Output stored data to a computer or printer




Data output (test graphs in real time)



Store data into the computer Set up:

1, boot, connect the instrument and the computer.

2 to open the computer, go online and read parameters.

3, (DIP SWTTCH) '3' drawn to the 'ON' position.

4, after the success of the online, click on the ' import data '.

5, prompted after a successful import.


1) when auto-zeroing mode will initiate zero failure

2) printer or measurement data output is connected in the wrong screen appears 'ERR'

2, data output (connected to a computer or printer, need special tools)

1) set the mode switch (PEAK) or (F.PEAK).

2) set the 'DIP' switch '3' 'ON'

3) data output (such as (RESET) key the display shows 'ERR' as the same results-trying to print)

Note: Auto zero function turned off