Excellent bathroom | Shower set | Copper faucet shower bathroom rain shower shower head set

Excellent bathroom | Shower set | Copper faucet shower bathroom rain shower shower head set

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand:
  • Model number: 9501
  • Color classification: 9501 spent sprinkled set air can flagship version (a, paragraph) 9501 spent sprinkled set b paragraph (pure white) 9501 spent sprinkled set c paragraph (Emerald) 9501 spent sprinkled set d paragraph (super thin round luxury) 9501 spent sprinkled set e paragraph (super thin party statue) 9501 spent sprinkled set air can flagship version (a, paragraph) with plastic tray 9501 spent sprinkled sets Assembly gun (really love version) buy a spent sprinkled, do lifetime friends! Note: match the system default 60-site installation fee, do not need to be next to cancel, see prices
  • Shower faucet type: double-Shower Mixer
  • Shower head bracket type: swivel lift
  • Installation: wall mounted
  • Cold water control type: single lever control
  • City services: City Logistics delivery
  • Material: copper
  • Shape: round

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Overview of baby
The leading and most accessories are excellent brands of anti-Wei laser engraved LOGO, you can be sure to buy.
Full height: 80CM-120CM effective use with adjustable height: adjustable 75CM-108CM
"Brand" youqing/
"Specifications" faucet inlet length: 15CM (water curved adjustable foot 13.5-16.5CM)
"Shower hose note" 85CM-120CM adjustable
"Surface treatment" 6-layer plating
"Accessories complete" install accessories, faucets, hoses, a small shower head, little shower activity base, sealing Teflon tape
"Such drilling ceramic valve core" used imported disc technologies, such drilling ceramic seals have excellent sealing properties and abrasion resistance, five-year warranty, guaranteed 500,000 times
"Processing" the following details:
High quality copper, multilayer plating quality and elegant
Faucet material why high quality copper material.
After fine grinding and polishing, the appearance and surface gloss is an ordinary faucet surface twice times, ensuring lasting as new.
Each leading manufactured prior to hot and cold water professional high pressure tested to ensure airtight.
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