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Giant leather bag leather bag package bag 2017 new Messenger bag mini mini star with the diagonal cross female package

Giant leather bag leather bag package bag 2017 new Messenger bag mini mini star with the diagonal cross female package
Product code: 5262800030
Unit price 30.06-34.86$
Sold quantity 1907
Available stock 621

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Size: Small
  • Popular style name: shell package
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Style: Messenger Bag
  • Backpack way: Messenger shoulder
  • Material: cow leather
  • Leather Material: cow leather
  • Ask carry parts type: soft handle
  • Closed way: cover type
  • Internal structure: card bit mobile phone bag document bag
  • Popular elements: chain
  • pattern: plain
  • Color Classification: fashion white small spot spot fashion lotus pink pink spot lotus root pink spot spot Jingyi blue small spot Jingyi blue medium spot temperament gray small spot temperament gray medium spot spot midnight black small spot Midnight black spot spot sun orange small spot spot sunshine orange medium spot gold with lotus root pink spot gold with lotus root pink spot stock lotus root with khaki small spot lotus root powder with card number spot fog haze blue small spot spot haze blue Medium spot black fight orange small spot spot the black fight orange caramel fighting green spot small green spot spot caramel green
  • No Mezzanine: None
  • Bags hardness: soft
  • Foldable: No
  • Condition: New
  • Applicable scene: Leisure
  • Brand: Fannese
  • Item No .: FN619
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Shape: saddle shape
  • Strap style: single
  • Material: synthetic leather

The treasurer has something to say

This little pig bag Too many versions of the market, the prices are different, say their own is the best,

You must be drunk.

First talk about the material, this bag is our home 'water tanning process of imported leather' Feel soft waxy, high wear resistance is its characteristic!

What material will be divided into a 369 and so on, The price of water tanning leather is much higher than ordinary first layer of leather

It has both the texture of the first layer of leather also has the first layer of leather does not have the wear resistance and resistance

That's why it's expensive

Say that metal, 'Exclusive built-in magnetic buckle 'Greatly reduces the metal loss. Durable will not fade The cost of a metal clasp with a magnet is three times the cost of an ordinary metal clasp, which is why there are few reasons for using magnets to scoop Taobao and the cost is too high.

And we do not hesitate to use the cost of built-in magnet because the location of the buckle is really easy to wear and tear friction, but with the magnetic buckle after you can completely avoid this situation.

So I want to say or, Taobao has never been the lack of cheap goods and expensive goods, only the lack of cost-effective goods!

Even hundreds of thousands of monthly sales of other homes, to your hand bag is not necessarily a good package

Can assure you

We dispatched each bag before the treasurer will carefully unpacking check to confirm the correct delivery

Treasurer is the willing to work hard to help you pick a check one by one good man

O (∩ _ ∩) O

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