Mosquito liquid no fragrance type | 5 bottles + heaters

Mosquito liquid no fragrance type | 5 bottles + heaters

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: bright and clean
  • Item: 5 bottles + heater
  • Whether the amount of equipment: No

1 manufacturers in succession for the packaging, from the outer packaging to the bottles are in the change, the current packaging is certainly new, the bottle in the successive updates, do not guarantee that all are new

2. Each box of mosquito liquid has a self-adhesive seal and security stickers, in the transport process, may be pressure openings, security marked with wear and tear, this is normal now, can not be avoided

3. mosquito coils heating rods may be broken during transport, please do not panic, first run out of a bottle of good, good bar for the broken bottle in the like, does not affect the use of the other in the transport process , Bumps caused by a little leakage, is also a normal phenomenon

4. Mosquito-style random hair styles, because the mosquito-repellent incense is a fragile and is sent to the warranty does not require a buyer to re-configure their own bad

OUR any price activities are irregular, is a commercial act, will not make any compensation