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Oudo | American country living room decorative painting | entrance decoration painting murals | European style |

Oudo | American country living room decorative painting | entrance decoration painting murals | European style |
Product code: 5230900030
Unit price 8.79-11.99$
Sold quantity 5401
Available stock 1383

Product parameters:

  • Brand: AOZZO / Oduo
  • Size: more than triple
  • Painting core material: other
  • Mounted way: a box
  • Frame material: PS
  • Color Classification: X W V U T S Package P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B A
  • Style: American Village
  • Technology: Printing
  • Combination: independent
  • Picture: Plane
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Size: Set more save 28 * 34 * 3cm 40 * 50 * 3cm
  • Frame type: gold box dark brown dancing youth
  • Item No: 80111105060

1, Smart delicate picture, bright colors make the whole decorative painting is full of rural flavor, and even become a darling of various decoration style wild, simple European style, Smart pastoral style, rural American style or ancient atmosphere of the Chinese style , Can create an ideal for your warm home.
2, the core painting art paper for the sandblasting process, the picture is very delicate and smooth, color back halo nature, the level is very rich; the whole picture beautiful and dignified, elegant noble transmission of elegance.
3, the picture gorgeous, delicate frame, even more aristocratic temperament.
4, painted core coated paper using art paper, kind of fine than the picture N times.

  • Brand: AOZZO
  • name: Austrian decorative painting frame painting plant flowers animal living room restaurant painting murals European elegant painting
  • Origin: China
  • coding: 80111105011
  • net weight: 1.18 kg
  • Colour: Multi-color
  • Price: 176 yuan / site
  • Material: PS + glass + MDF
  • size: 28 * 34 * 3cm / 40 * 50 * 3cm
  • Tips:
    1, if you want to put the living room decorative painting, you should let the family stay clean and sanitary, a clean environment will not let the decorative painting plot on too much dust, affecting the decorative effect of the painting.
    2, 100% in-kind shooting, due to the shooting light, the display is different and other reasons, there may be a little color, please prevail in kind.
    3, in-kind for the manual measurement there will be a little error, please understand!