Zen Club Medallion kaiyun alloy Ba Gua mirrors convex concave mirror Feng Shui lucky decoration the Sha Chi retaining the dark mirror

Zen Club Medallion kaiyun alloy Ba Gua mirrors convex concave mirror Feng Shui lucky decoration the Sha Chi retaining the dark mirror

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Zen Club
  • Appearance: other
  • Color classification: 13.5 convex Town House of evil 17.5 convex Town House of evil 21 convex Town House of evil 13.5 concave poly gas na fiscal 17.5 concave poly gas na fiscal 21 concave poly gas na fiscal 13.5 convex five emperors Ann House Moss 17.5 convex five emperors Ann House Moss 21 convex five emperors Ann House Moss 13.5 concave five emperors wealth 17.5 concave five emperors wealth 21 concave five emperors wealth 13.5 convex copper Bell of five yellow evil 17.5 convex copper Bell of five yellow evil 21 convex copper Bell of five yellow evil 13.5 concave copper Bell began 17.5 concave brass Bell began 21 concave brass bells bring 13.5 convex hoist resolve adverse 17.5 convex hoist to defuse negative 21 convex hoist resolve negative 13.5 concave hoist evil evil evil fortune Fortune 17.5 concave hyacinth 21 concave hyacinth Fortune
  • Material: alloy
  • Item code: C336
  • Available space: living room
  • Style: traditional
  • Function: lucky
  • Decoration types: other/other

"The introduction of the Bagua mirror"
Bagua mirror is also called Tai Chi Bagua mirror: why Feng Shui has been called the mascot in China. Reportedly, dating back 7,000 years ago in the ancient times, Fu XI view image, started as gossip. 'Ton de of the gods, at the class of all things . ' The legend of e-CI said: ' easy Tai Chi, is two, two four, four-like gossip. ' Tai Chi was one word, is an image of vitality unaware, is the root of heaven and Earth. Born Tai Chi yang, born static yin, Yin and Yang is two meters. Two meters and a yin and Yang is four images (Shao Yang, laoyang, Shao-yin, and old yin). Four is like heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang in nature, also on behalf of seasons four seasons. D like the yin and Yang, the gossip is generated.
Eight trigrams representing heaven and Earth, wind, lightning, water, fire, mountain, city, and said health, Shun, Activision, who trapped Li, said. Mirror deter evil auspicious since ancient times. Legends ' Queen Mother in King House, casting mirror 12, increases with the use of, this mirrors the beginning. ' Ancient mirror bronze, popular during the warring States period. Tai Chi Bagua map, why with a circle in the center circle, draw the equivalent of two Yin-Yang represents everything to each other. Cloudy fish with black, and fish with white, which is the representation of day and night. There is a Yin Yang fish head, and Yin Yang fish head has a eye, said everything in the conversion, penetration, Yin and Yang, Yang and yin, Yin and Yang, reinforce each other, generation after generation, the philosophical opposites and contradictions in modern notation.
"Classification of the Bagua mirror"
Bagua mirror from the mirror in order to two, that is convex and concave mirror. Why positive eight hanging pattern, circle what a glass mirror in the Middle, for hanging over the door, used to keep out evil and evil refuge from fierce mantras on the back. Concave mirror used for ' wealth ', the ancients recognized why gossip concave mirror with photo, exorcism and possession of Ki with the wind, with gossip and concave face and over time, the human spirit will not fly, evil cannot invade, gossip concave mirror also has a commanding, effect of solid human essence. When the door is on the elevator, Elevator disadvantages of inspiration, so install concave mirror on the door, can be an effective remedy, so that luck is all. in addition, the door such as to back down the fiscal steps, zhongcai gas will be excursion, such as door hanging concave mirror can be effectively recovered. Convex lens is used to ' defuse negative of Feng Shui. Namely, like a tortoise shell, mirrors convex arc, when when the object to, namely, the envelope can be remove, it belongs to ' dissolve the envelope ' Feng Shui products The mirror can reflect light, the ancient ' evade luck regrets ' formed by light reflecting off a ' motivation ', can affect home Feng Shui.
Gossip concave mirrors that are available to resolve several envelope:
1. dissolve Lu Chong: when Hall came straight into the road or sea.
2. dissolve the poles: If your House is on the telephone pole accident. light ... Gua convex resolve this envelope, placed on the door ...
3. resolve inverse arch: Ming Tang see stream or road shows the bow gossip can be used namely dissolve ...
4. dissolve the roof: yangzhai head to roof accident blood ... Gua convex, or somehow strange happened to be resettled to defuse envelope
5. resolve all kinds of shape such as wall knife brake. corner.

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