Zen Italian Pavilion open light alloy alloy gossip mirror convex mirror block evil mirror water fountain mirror Lucky Decoration Tai Chi Yin Yang Jing

Zen Italian Pavilion open light alloy alloy gossip mirror convex mirror block evil mirror water fountain mirror Lucky Decoration Tai Chi Yin Yang Jing

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Zen Italian Pavilion
  • Appearance: other
  • Color Classification: 13.5 convex town house of evil 17.5 convex town house of evil 21 convex town house evil 13.5 concave poly gas wealth 17.5 concave poly gas wealth 21 concave poly poly 13.5 convex five emperor house house wealth 17.5 convex five emperor house house poly Wealth 21 convex five emperor Anzhai enrichment 13.5 concave five emperor Zhaocai Jin Bao 17.5 concave five emperor Zhaocai Jin Bao 21 concave five emperor Zhaocai treasure 13.5 convex copper bell of five yellow evil 17.5 convex copper bell five yellow evil 21 convex copper bell of five yellow evil 13.5 Concave brass bell to avoid bad luck 17.5 Concave copper bells to avoid evil 21 concave copper bell to avoid evil 13.5 convex hoist to resolve adverse 17.5 Convex to resolve adverse 21 convex bulge to resolve negative 13.5 concave gourd evil spirits Nafu 17.5 concave gourd evil spirits Nafu 21 concave Gourd evil spirits
  • Material: Alloy
  • Product No: C336
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration type: other / other

'Bagua mirror introduction'
Gossip mirror is also called the Tai Chi Bagua mirror: in China has been known as the feng shui mascot.It is said that in ancient times seven thousand years ago, Fu Xi 's view of things like, for gossip.To pass the deity of the deity to the kind of all things love 'Yi Chuan Chuan,' said: 'Yi Tai Chi is born two instrument, two students four images, four images of gossip.' Tai Chi is one, is the Road, is the strength of the seamless as is the creation of heaven and earth The yin and yang, yin and yang is a two-meter, while the two instruments and a yin and yang is both a four-like (Shaoyang, Laoyang, Shaoyin, Laoyin). Is the world of yin and yang changes in nature, but also on behalf of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, while the four elephants and then each yin and yang, to generate the gossip.
Gossip to represent the sky, land, wind, thunder, water, fire, mountain, Ze, and that health, cis, moving, people, depression, Li, stop, etc .. The mirror since ancient times is awe-inspiring evil auspicious The ancient mirror with copper cast, in the Warring States period began to flourish .Taiji nosy diagram, with the same circle In the center of the circle, draw the equivalent of the two yin and yang, said the relationship between all things. Yin fish with black, white fish with white, which is the day and night representation of Yang fish head has a Yin, There is a positive eye, that all things are mutual transformation, mutual penetration, yin in yang, yin in yin, yin and yang coincide, phase with each other, life and life, namely modern philosophy and contradictory unity of opposites law representation.
'Bagua mirror classification'
Gossip mirror from the mirror is divided into two, that is convex mirror and concave mirror. Positive for the eight hanging pattern, the center of the center of a glass mirror for hanging above the door, used to block evil, the back and have evil spirits curse Text. Concave mirror is generally used for 'Lucky Treasure', the ancients believed that gossip concave mirror has shining evil, evil and possession of the wind poly gas use, with gossip concave mirror surface over time, the spirit will not fly, evil can not invade The human body, gossip concave mirror also has a unified, Pei solid essence of the role. When the door of the house is on the elevator, the lift has the disadvantages of inhaling, so the door mounted concave mirror, can be effective remediation, so as not to be exhausted to the number of gas.In addition, the door is on the down stairs, Home gas will escape, at this time if the door is linked to concave mirror, the gas can be effectively recovered. Convex lens is used to 'defuse feng shui unfavorable' convex mirror like a turtle shell in general, was a convex surface of the arc-shaped, when there are objects with impulse, the convex mirror can remove these evil spirits, it is' resolve evil spirits 'Feng shui supplies, Mirror can reflect the light, the ancient cloud: 'good and bad regret almost blame students' by the light reflection and the formation of a 'motive', can affect the home Feng Shui.
Gossip convex and concave mirror can be used to resolve several evil spirits:
1. Road to resolve red: Ming-tang a straight road from the road or water.
2. Solving the electric wire rod evil: If your house is on the poles of the main accident. Xueguang ... door gossip convex mirror to resolve this evil spirits.
3. To resolve anti-Gongsha: Mingtang see the water or the road was anti-Gongsha can be used when the gossip convex mirror solution.
4. To resolve the roof of the first evil: Yang house to the roof of the main evil evil blood .. or strange strange things happen to settle the gossip convex mirror to resolve evil spirits
5. To resolve a variety of shapes such as wall knife evil evil

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