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CDMA Telecom single card for the elderly mobile phone battery straight three anti - old - man machine ultra - long standby Land Rover military quality

CDMA Telecom single card for the elderly mobile phone battery straight three anti - old - man machine ultra - long standby Land Rover military quality
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  • Color classification: camouflage (telecommunications card version) black (telecommunications card version) green (telecommunications card version) green (mobile Unicom card version) black (mobile Unicom card version)

New authentic Tyrants three anti-old mobile phone , Regular network brand, authentic licensed, reliable quality!

Solemn promise: the machine has any quality problems! 30 days free bag back! 100 days free replacement machine! 365 days free warranty!

This machine is affordable! Powerful! Large sound, large font, 50 meters light flashlight, the elderly dedicated! Another MP3 player, camera and other functions, 6800mA large battery, stand alone for more than a month. With a rechargeable treasure function, you can charge other phones. Military quality! Durable!

Three anti-durable large sound old man! Large battery long standby machine!

Features: ultra Big 3D speakers - shock big sound, 2.4 inch Big screen Screen, super Big font . 50 meters Super bright big flashlight cylinder , 1, 2, 3 can be set to the number keys One key fast affection dial key, Voice king function (Button number, caller ID, the whole point of time), the other Have : MP3 player , Take pictures , recording , Alarm clock , Calculator, browser , Automatically lock the keyboard , One Key Hang up the key to turn off the screen (Special power) , blacklist with Privacy protection (Information, phone book, call records and other applications need a password to open) , Machine configuration 6800 mAh large battery , Do not call Stand alone for more than 30 days , Another machine belt There is a charge function , Can be a separate charge to charge the other machine charge, suitable for business people spare.

'For people': The elderly, long-distance coach drivers, courier salesman, workers and long-term business people to go out for the elderly, the main advantage is the long standby time!

''Dimensions '': 129 × 62 × 28 (mm)

''Official standard '': Mobile phone, battery (6800 mA), charger, manual warranty card.

(This model has two versions of the machine: Telecom card version and mobile Unicom card version, when shooting to choose their own version. The following picture is for reference only, the specific to receive the real machine prevail!)

(Telecom version of the flashlight switch: unlock the state, press and hold the 0 key will open a moment, then press the closed)

Dispensers tips: Mobile phone factory, the original battery power is virtual electricity, received the phone, the first virtual run out, and then charge 8-10 hours or so, so the cycle activated about 3 times, the battery can reach the normal standby time Oh !!


The following is a mobile Unicom version of the picture