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Men's pants spring new 2017 boys casual pants Korean youth trousers wild thin section of the trend of men's trousers

Men's pants spring new 2017 boys casual pants Korean youth trousers wild thin section of the trend of men's trousers
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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Spring
  • Material Composition: Cotton 98% Polyurethane Elastic Fiber (Spandex) 2%
  • Pants Length: trousers
  • Item No .: 6620
  • Color: 1501 Navy blue 1501 black 1501 khaki 1501 wine red 6619 blue and blue 6619 black 6619 khaki 8522 (plus velvet) navy blue 8522 (plus velvet) black 1662 (plus velvet) navy 1662 (plus velvet) black 1661 (plus Velvet) Navy 1661 (plus velvet) black
  • Size: 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38 40 42
  • Style details: pocket decoration
  • Process: non-iron treatment
  • Brand: COLD SHUAI / Handsome
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Applicable scenes: other leisure
  • Suitable for: young people
  • Stretch: micro-bomb
  • Waist type: in the waist
  • Thickness: Thick
  • Time to market: 2016
  • Clothing version type: Slim
  • Trousers mouth style: Straight
  • Basic style: youth pop
  • Subdivision style: tide
  • Color: Base color (black and white, etc.)
  • Fabric: Khaki cloth
  • pattern: plain

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Recommended size

Weight about 100 pounds / for wear / 28 yards two feet a waist circumference

Weight 110 kg / for wear / 29 yards two feet two waist circumference

Weight about 120 pounds / suitable for wear / 30 yards two feet three waist circumference

Weight about 130 pounds / suitable for wear / 31 yards two feet four waist circumference

Weight 135 kg -140 pounds / for wear / 32 yards two feet five waist circumference

Weight 145 kg -155 pounds or so / for wear / 33 yards two feet six waist circumference

Weight 155 kg -165 kg / for wear / 34 yards two feet seven waist circumference

Weight of about 170 kg -180 pounds / for wear / 36 yards two feet eight waist circumference

Weight 185 kg -195 pounds or so / for wear / 38 yards two feet nine two waist

Weight 200 pounds -205 pounds / for wear / 40 yards three feet zero five waist circumference

Weight 220 kg -225 pounds or so / for wear / 42 yards three feet two waist circumference

The owner for many years to sell pants experience. In accordance with the above selected 90% will not choose the wrong. Please refer to you now wear pants inside is to write how much is usually usually wear big to buy how much! Our pants are the standard size The above is for reference only!