Chennai love NiteIze car station Yaesu hand microphone holder magnetic phone car rack Microphone Hook | Bracket

Chennai love NiteIze car station Yaesu hand microphone holder magnetic phone car rack Microphone Hook | Bracket

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Love Chennai
  • Product Number: zhijia
  • Positioning accuracy: 18m
  • Positioning time: 0
  • Update rate: 0
  • Screen Size: no screen
  • Support backlit display: yes
  • Time to market: Spring 2016
  • Housing material: Metal
  • Size: 128.5mm X 27.1mm
  • Weight: 71 g
  • Whether the water:
  • Map type: National Map
  • Whether to support the load map: No
  • Memory capacity: 4MB
  • made in China
  • Service: Genius
  • GPS function: no
  • Whether shockproof: Yes
  • Language Category: Chinese English
  • The price range (GPS): 500 yuan
  • Carrying options: Car formula
  • Use: touch-screen
  • Continuous working time: 20 hours

First, the brand introduced

NiteIze company is headquartered in beautiful Colorado, is the production of various parts of the innovation leader 'for people to live, work problems to create unique solutions' is a love NiteIze Chennai purpose. Since 1989, companies continue to grow, from the start of production practical and versatile flashlight accessories, has been extended to other parts products, including mobile phone accessories, LED accessories and hardware accessories. NiteIze love Chennai has become the first US outdoor accessories brand which Chennai word love 8 buckle won the 2008 backpacker editors' choice Award (editor's Choice Award for backpacker magazine), an outdoor industry's most prestigious awards.

Second, the product introduction

Stile mobile car holder kit, using two specially designed magnetic sucker spherical base, are fixed to the vehicles and equipment in writing, through the magnetic bonding can easily be fixed to mobile phones and other digital devices, car dashboards and other place due to the use of the magnetic binding way, of course, may be fixed in the refrigerator, place a metal cabinet and other metal surface. magnet link at the clever use of spherical design makes mobile phones and other devices to achieve all-round three-dimensional rotation, regardless of which angle can be met, smooth and stable rotation, damping appropriate, comfortable feel. Stile car wearing a suit, although strong magnetic magnetic base, but will not damage your phone or computer plane but not to close credit card, control heart rhythm device, or computer hard drive. as similar damage articles, Stile shall not be liable.

Third, the product details
• Wear Stile car kit allows you to easily fixed to mobile phones and other digital devices elsewhere in the car dashboard, mobile phones and other such devices to achieve all-round three-dimensional rotation, no matter which angle can meet.
• Stile car holder kit comprising: A magnetic suction cup, a spherical base, an alcohol wipe sheet, backup 3M adhesive and installation instructions (with gasket is dedicated spacer with microphone in hand).
• Stile powerful magnetic chuck with neodymium magnet and silicone center, so smooth and stable fixed phone, damping appropriate.
• Magnetic sucker spherical and chassis are set to have a strong foam tape 3M® VHB ™
• 3M foam adhesive tape is removed without damaging the plane.
• Stile series set of components compatible with each other adaptation.
• Stile Car Pack two main parts can be sold separately:
- For those people (more than one phone) users share a car, you can buy a few magnetic chuck means on different phones, along with the use of a spherical base car
- For those users who have a variety of vehicles, you can buy multiple Stile spherical base, placed in their cars, boats, airplanes, regardless of what kind of vehicle used, can be adapted to the magnetic chuck on the phone
• Dimensions: 128.5mm X 27.1mm
• Weight: 71g