300M USB wireless adapter wall type Changhong, TCL, Hisense, Skyworth cool open-type machine network television receivers

300M USB wireless adapter wall type Changhong, TCL, Hisense, Skyworth cool open-type machine network television receivers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: comfast CF-WU830NS
  • Brand: comfast
  • Model: CF-WU830NS
  • Model: 360TV
  • Condition: New
  • Whether wireless: Wireless
  • Network Access License Number: 00
  • LAN jack: USB
  • Color Classification: PC TV Universal Edition
  • Transmission speed: 300Mbps
  • Application Network type: Ethernet
  • Service: Genius

Support for all desktop and notebook accepting WIFI signal support the market most of the network TV model.

Excessive TV models, we are unable to test, if the TV can not support the purchase, the pro can be used on a desktop or laptop, if you do not like the pro card!

Our support 7 days return. Please purchase shipping insurance pro photographed when the return postage will be paid by the insurance company to you.

300 MB Cheap Juxian card

transmission Wall receive stable signal

Exclusive 300M wall NIC

Three power can!

1, the wireless network card , Desktop notebook can be used, too many walls at home, are dead How weak signal Do? Get it!

2, WIFI launcher Wireless AP, cat home with broadband, cable routing Internet, mobile wireless tablet think how to do? Get it!

3, Home with Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, TCL and other TV networks want wireless receiver how to do? Get it!

Hisense user's attention, if you're EC300 EC330, K280J K360J, and other users, please consult customer service after the next one. So as to avoid compatibility problems unnecessary to trouble.

Please note, TCL user Model 3390A 5390A 4500A 5300D like TV, please consult customer service before buying the next one, if you have the back of the TV encoded words MS801 and MS600, please click the link below. Http://item.taobao. com / item.htm? id = 44760011825 & spm = 2014.21600712.0.0

Changhong users pay attention to see here, AXXXX BXXXX CXXXX series of network TV can be used. For example A6000, B3100 C2000 and so on. There are questions of direct consultation customer service.

After the test users, now adding more compatibility list.

Skyworth series

Skyworth new model E500 E550 E580F E5DHR E380S E7BRE E7BRD E700 E560, etc., there are more models, please consult customer service.

Changhong series

The latest addition to Changhong Model C1080 C2000 C3000 C3080 C4000 B2000 B3100 B4500 B5000 there are more supported models, please consult customer service.

TCL series

TCL latest addition to the model F2510 F2550 F2570 F2590

Hisense series

Konka Series

E320N 5100DE 5200DE E510DE IS988PD IS95D F2200NE M3500PDE M3560PDE E510DE

Haier TV series







Philips TV series

Philips 42PFL8300 / T3

Philips 5820
32PFL5520 / T3
Philips 5528

42PFL5721 / T3