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A small amount | Korean semi-permanent hair Wenxiu machine | facial mist floating lips tattoo eye line | MTS full cast of formula

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Vatican Zhen Wenxiu machine one needle
  • Color Category: random hair
  • Beauty tools Category: Other / other
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Other / other
  • Brand: Vatican Zhen
  • A single product: one needle Wenxiu machine
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Effect: Other / other
  • made in China

The company mainly to do wholesale! This Your machine is currently in short supply! Color random hair! Warehouse What color is what color hair Oh!

The machine has been walking the line wholesale! By the company to apply for e-business manager! Finally can be sold on the day the cat! Because this machine in pursuit of durability and stability! So the machine design without batteries! One is the use of a needle needle needle full cast! (One pin machines are not recommended with battery! Because one of the requirements for voltage stability higher) Further special design movement With one hour is not hot! Dynamic highest number of rotations of 45,000 rpm. Machine 1 year warranty!

This machine is weak noise and vibration to make your operation more accurate. Allows the skin Less pain and better results! Full use of disposable disposable needles! Than ordinary needle Wenxiu Head more efficient! Needle More stable! Does not have an ink-jet and other issues! Easier manipulation! Especially for the novice! This machine is a machine, tattoo, do eyeliner, drift Lips, MTS microneedle: Shuiguang essence Import Totale Foundation so get a machine!

☆ Built-tight fixed slot with prolonged use of the needle does not swing

1) You can do the tattoo permanent make up, you can also do facial microneedles: Import Totale Foundation, etc. as the essence

2)Use needle variety, permanent with 1R, 3R, 5R, 5F, 7F. Microneedles using a 9-pin or 12-pin (needle can contact customer service to purchase)

3)Piece disposable syringes, needles rotated 45 degrees to lock automatically to prevent cross-infection.

One needle Wenxiu machine dual-purpose machine features: lip facial features, beauty, lip pregnant, pregnant eyelashes can operate all of the eyebrows can be operated with a three-pin circular needle five rows, five rows of seven rows of needle lip or five round needle operation, the machine hit the fog with a five-pin to operate with a single needle line US-pupil operation. Totale, pregnant lips, eyelashes pregnant nano chips to operate such a machine on what items can be manipulated!

Companies do wholesale! I did not send something diet! You · 1 station to buy our profit is very low, Needle-yourself → optional purchase link:

Novice must see: · Individual novice recently encountered particularly poor attitude, if the machine is not good · You fierce thing! However, if the novice even the most basic things do not understand! It is easier to ask some non-issue! Wonderful question! So when you when incomprehensible Do not get angry because a novice can easily innocent people such as:!! there is a customer feedback · Needle hub could not temper very urgent! Are reluctant to try it first! A pass on the first angry! Then hurry to apply for a refund! In fact, Just because he did not put the needle Right wring! !
Our company is specialized in wholesale! Lynx with just sell sell! Wholesale to the line entities are even training school · masterful Wenxiu division Doukua handy machine too! So rest assured the quality of the machine! Buy a basic past people are very good feedback!

Sale protection: Machine 1 year warranty (the power cord from the warranty) within 10 days after the receipt does not like can be returned more than 10 days can not be returned if quality problems within 30 days free replacement machine can be more than 30 days of free maintenance.!!!!

Novice easy questions (experienced Wenxiu division do not see)

1: inkjet machine will do?

One needle is not substantially inkjet! But if you are a novice · Novice on what could happen! · Pigment such as absorbing too much, as well as adjust the needle too short too short (some customers did not root teacher learned to operate the machines · insists on needle scale adjusted to the shortest · · · then to test such a short tune your machine will spray · immortal film ah.)!

2: The machine sounds great right machine itself sound is very small (in one machine in our sound machine be small a) mainly needle at the time of high-speed operation will produce some sound one needle are so (but?!!! definitely not great, just rustling! especially if a lot of sound card pin screw loosen a little voice will become! how much your next tune! I do not know where to tune can ask customer service)

3:? Heavy machine do this entirely depends on the individual requirements. Some say the heavy weight, but some people say that the pursuit of one of the machines are made out of Wenxiu work more realistic than the pursuit of light-one made out better than ordinary!!!. Wenxiu machine effect is more realistic! novice might not understand! because there is no operating over reality.

4: Individual novice will feel the needle is too long or too short, the same needle and machines · Some newcomers think that is too long needle · Some people may think that this is too short a needle is not your Toys!. ! machine is so predetermined length! because good design! And why should the needle can be pursued for so long or so short?? good color on it! good color machine is a good machine!

There are a novice to the needle and then have to be adjusted to 0 · scale reaction would inkjet ~? You tuned pro · 0 · fairy scale inkjet machine also...

4:?! Machine easy to use it. Our company is dedicated to the delivery of advanced training schools Wenxiu division Doukua good buy in the past very few people · no novice experience in the operation of the machine will react de 'not used' outside! ????? others basically praise! I can look evaluated to know!

If you are using the machine for the first time novice! Or are you have not learned to embroider customers! Please do not judge my personal feeling machine really easy! Thank you! Your judgment is really 90% wrong.