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Photosynthesis | LD-Y5500 touch-one floor-touch touch-one machine LCD multimedia advertising machine

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Photosynthetic LD-Y5500
  • Memory capacity (ROM): 4GB
  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: LD-Y5500
  • Package Type: Package 1 Package 3 Package 2 Official standard
  • color: black
  • Supported formats: MPEG4 MPEG2 MPEG1 AVI WMA
  • Output resolution: 1920x1080
  • Weight: 98kg

The official standard: Android version (Andrews), Package 1: window version (Celeron dual core), Package II: window version (Inter i3), Package III:

Note: As the batches are not the same, the product size may be a little different, but does not affect the use of products shipped to the spot size subject to the size of the request, please consult online customer service specific size, Custom, then you need a certain amount to open the template, X86 (inter i7) version of the price is 8280, you need to contact this section to change the price of online customer service, Thank you!