"Security Suite" explosion-proof riot shields fork stab-resistant clothing helmet gloves school kindergarten security equipment

"Security Suite" explosion-proof riot shields fork stab-resistant clothing helmet gloves school kindergarten security equipment

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ostravar
  • Item no: OST-11
  • Origin: China
  • Hanging price: 500
  • Color classification: meet set 3.0 shield + General fork +PC helmet + anti-thorn clothing sent gloves school set 3.5 shield + luxury fork +PC helmet + anti-thorn clothing sent gloves Bank set 3.5 shield + anti-thorn clothing +PC helmet + rubber stick + sent gloves luxury set 3.5 Party shield +0 shaking fork + anti-thorn clothing + helmet sent gloves you wants to what combination are line/contact customer service/immediately help you combination/package you satisfaction strengthening riot fork + neck stick + water what are has you to enough lazy a this connection all can get Classic suit stab-resistant clothing +PC helmets
  • Time to market: the summer of 2016

Stab-resistant clothing name: OST-stab stab-resistant garment stab-resistant vests-proof hard soft cut garment stab-resistant vest stab-resistant body armor

Stab-resistant clothing sizes: Hard stab-resistant clothing , 20 pure soft stab-resistant clothing

Stab-resistant clothing color: Black stab-resistant clothing, Jungle camouflage stab-resistant clothing , Desert Camo stab-resistant clothing Marine camouflage stab-resistant clothing

Hard stab-resistant clothing recommended Description: High-manganese alloy steel scales arranged in a stab-resistant liner, and joined the shock pad, 2.6KG, affordable and cost-effective.

20 pure soft stab-resistant clothing recommended Description: 20-story high strength PE stab-resistant material with fine rows of superposition and integrated sewing, light weight, and why weight 2.1 kg, wear light, comfortable, breathable, called thick pure anti-stab-resistant quality.

Protection class: 24 joules of kinetic energy, does not reveal the tip

Stab-resistant fabric density: ﹤ 2.8 kg/m2, single-density 184 g/square meter

Stab-resistant material weight: 830 grams/square meter (protection area of 0.3 square meters)

Stab-resistant insurance: 800,000 product liability insurance

Stab-resistant clothing Weight: Stab-resistant clothing, rigid 2.6KG, 16-storey soft stab-resistant clothing 1.8KG, around 20 stab-resistant clothing 2.1KG

Stab-resistant clothing Package: Gift of stab-resistant clothing handbags

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