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Qin Changxing Hing Wah TC-90-type underground metal detectors | detectors | iron detector |

Qin Changxing Hing Wah TC-90-type underground metal detectors | detectors | iron detector |
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  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: TC-90

Shanghai Qin Chang Trade Co., Ltd. and Guilin Hing Wah detector co-production and sales of manufacturers Code: TC Series TM series of underground metal detectors.The two sides of the deadline to April 21, 2017 deadline. Handheld metal detectors and security Door cooperation yet reached!

Guilin Xinghua Detector Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is specialized in the development of metal detectors high-tech enterprises, formerly known as Guilin Xinghua metal detector plant. Twenty-eight years of rapid development, the current metal detection technology to international Leading level, a number of national patent technology. Company in 1988, built a research and production base of more than 8,000 square meters, the current high-tech development zones in Guilin in the construction of standard plant more than 10,000 square meters, more than 170 employees, technical staff 55 Person, chief engineer Dr. Wang Ju served as a professor and a researcher at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and served as a researcher for the University of California, USA. Over the years, the company has provided the community with high-precision, deep underground metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors and high- Of the metal detection doors (security doors).

TC-90 type metal detector is the product of the application of foreign advanced technology, the instrument deliberately refined in the design, the use of high-quality imported components.It detects the depth, positioning accuracy, resolution, easy operation, with a new era of technology Style.

The most annoying problem with the use of old metal detectors is the effect of the ground. As the distance between the probe and the ground changes, the signal changes with the instrument, and the change is greater if the probe is swept across a rugged surface , The operator seems to hear the sound everywhere, can not figure out where the real buried metal.This phenomenon is called 'mineralization reaction'.

The reason for the 'mineralization' is that the minerals that make up the soil give the instrument a signal that the 'mineralization' is very strong in the complex soil structure, causing a signal that is greater than the metal signal, It is difficult to determine the personnel to send a signal in the end is buried in the metal or 'mineralization reaction.' TC-90 instrument equipped with a balanced line to eliminate all the 'mineralization' effect, only when the probe met metal Only then sends out the signal, thus greatly enhanced the exploration depth and the accuracy.

User Information : The Company series of detectors for the regular products, in a pragmatic attitude for the customer is responsible, not like some businesses boast of their products up to 5 to 10 meters or even deeper.

Note: This product uses the sound alarm and instrument display, the depth of exploration with the exploration of metal area, shape, weight has a great relationship.

Any product has a standard, the product of the maximum detection depth, refers to the product according to corporate standards with a 60 × 60 × 1 (cm) of aluminum buried in dry soil measured results (implementation of standards: Q / XHT 001 -2015).

Therefore: you pro please note that not all sizes of metal objects can be probed to the maximum depth. Namely: the greater the measured area of ​​metal items, the greater the number, the corresponding depth of the greater detection; the other hand, the smaller the area, The smaller the number, the smaller the corresponding depth. In addition, the detection of the location of the soil moisture, density, or the surrounding signal interference and improper regulation of the balance will affect its depth.

Standard: Host + probe a + hand bracket + probe two + power wiring + manual + warranty card (to send backpack + green bags + poker)

special reminder: If you need rechargeable batteries, please contact customer service make up the difference to buy, and if the machine with the purchase of fill 50Yuan, if a single buy 80If you do not need to buy their own batteries on the 5th (6) with, or with their own 7-9V battery can also be used!

friendly reminder: TC-90 is the standard diameter of the probe is 30 cm, such as the need to redeem a small probe diameter 20 cm Pro please contact customer service to replace, Another anti-jamming function for sale, the pro who need to contact customer service make up the difference to buy!