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South Korea air bangs wig girls mini thin stealth incisive lifelike Liu hair piece true leave

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: E Variety real hair air Liu
  • Brand: E Variety
  • Wigs single product: real hair air bangs
  • Color Classification: Real 'natural black' can be hot hot dye can be true 'black brown' can be hot really hot dye 'deep maroon' can be hot really hot dye 'light brown' can be really hot with hair sideburn 'Nature Dark brown 'can be hot can be stained with hair temples' black brown 'can be hot with hot hair dye sideburns' deep maroon 'can be hot really hot with hair sideburn' light brown 'can be hot really dye the whole hair' with sideburns - Dark brown 'with the sideburns - dark brown' real hair 'with sideburns - light brown' can be dyed darker the whole real hair 'deep maroon' can be stained dark true hair full of 'natural black' Can be dyed darker whole real hair 'black brown' full real hair 'with sideburns - deep maroon' can be dyed darker full real hair 'light brown' can be dyed dark
  • Wig Liu Category: Qi Liu
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Efficacy: hair re-issued hair styling
  • Cosmetic features: invisible trace