Cotton 2016 autumn men's jacket coat collar jacket men | Youth | Casual Jacket Men's spring and Autumn period

Cotton 2016 autumn men's jacket coat collar jacket men | Youth | Casual Jacket Men's spring and Autumn period

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listed year season: the fall of 2016
  • Material composition: polyester fibers 100%
  • Wear set: outer wear
  • Sleeve length: long sleeve
  • Item no: 277811010
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Collar: collar
  • Color: black (5th) deep dark green Navy khaki-gray
  • Size: s m l XL XXL XXXL
  • Classification of fabrics: polyester
  • Style details: zipper adornment
  • Brand: cotton
  • For seasons: autumn
  • Thickness: General
  • Type: standard
  • Material: polyester
  • Polyester fiber content: 95%
  • Application scenario: other leisure
  • Application object: suitable for youth
  • Bai design under: fabric hem
  • Fashion Pocket style: zipper digs bags
  • Clothing placket: zipper placket
  • Length: General
  • Base style: commercial gentleman
  • Style segments: basic conditionally available
  • Pattern: solid color

Unlike the monotony of summer is not as bloated winter, autumn is more comfortable with limited free,

Whether it is resting on the shoulders, tied to the waist, also is in the bag, you will need a light jacket coat

Fabric has ' memory '

Memory-like fabric is one of the old cotton fabric of the last few quarters to try, you can say enough to surprise the old cotton.

From the hundred percent polyester fiber, polyester fiber fabrics, but Comparable to nylon taffeta fabric texture,

Memory function is called by increasing fiber surface friction, treated shape remains,

Simply fabric handle catch will have wrinkles, but Smooth will disappear in the future, easy care.

Full polyester lining, commonly used for outdoor sports mountaineering and feels smooth solid, durable wear.

Stand collar jacket recreation Joker

Slightly slim locomotive design in order to suit style, after designer of volatility adjustments, ensure that the upper body fit neatly,

Collar the collar is relatively simple, rounded design with no buckles, both fashion and function, work and leisure balance.

Silver metal YKK And benchmark quality, hanging mianz with contrast color line sewing and reinforcing vitality at the same time,

Worth mentioning is the use of chain-line for such easy needle and radian-cut fabric, with increased cost,

Hang inside mianz folder Blue and white striped polyester fabric Fashion color schemes, Contrast with the outside revealing the sense of pensive, young artists.

Body side front pocket design, Pocket Flash security, ergonomic point of view, enhancing relevance,

Hanging mianz with vertical patch pocket on one side, inside and outside the bag color knot echoes, both aesthetic and practical, and add highlights.