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Stand-by sleep GPS detector Car GPS detector Analyzer anti-positioning anti-positioning security car dedicated

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  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: Sleeping GPS Detector

This product is a hybrid combination products, billing items for the computer host.

Can be accurately detected to find out all types of GPS (including the general wiring, magnetic wireless, card standby, sleep, see video), and can do within 10 cm of accurate search to find, detection radius 2-15 meters can be free to control adjustment. 1-3 minutes after the start to know there are several GPS (or card-type monitor), can be activated, an average of 2-3 minutes to find out a lock GPS Absolute false positives 0. This product can do plug-in listener list spike!

6 super features
1, can detect all the GPS, including the common wiring, strong magnetic card wireless, standby card to send information to locate the sleep timer boot.
2, the detection range of 3-15 meters can be adjusted to search, 360-degree dead space search within the scope of all the GPS and quantitative display.
3, with the origin of Taiwan (non-domestic assembly) with frequency display detector, the detection sensitivity can be adjusted (maximum 3 m minimum 5 cm), lock the GPS locator range of 5 cm.
4, locking the GPS positioner signal frequency, to achieve 0 false positives.
5, to support 24-hour monitoring of vehicles, display sleep GPS turn-on time, so sleep GPS nowhere to escape.
Real video Baidu network disk download http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sj0x6cl
Equipment List
1, GPS analyzer 1 set (including supporting a computer, hardware and software independent research and development, life-long software upgrades, hardware 2-year warranty)
2, the Taiwan original ACECO with a wireless display frequency detector 1 (detection range of 3 meters -15 cm adjustable)
3, GPS frequency jammer 1 Taiwan
4, 5DB glue rod antenna 2, 10DB sucker antenna 2, 20DB sucker antenna 2
5, the analyzer charger 1, 12V cigarette lighter power cord 1, USB cable 1
6, operating video U disk 1, from boot to detect the whole video interpretation, 10 minutes to teach you how to use.
1, high-capacity 12-volt LI battery pack 1 (can support the analyzer for 30 hours of continuous work) Price 1,800 yuan
Treasurer's words:
GPS positioning device is the predecessor of the company, the GPS positioning equipment function and working principle are very clear, after two years of independent research and development, now launched the GPS detector, direct search for GPS locator (search radius 2-15 meters adjustable), can be achieved by activation. With Taiwan origin signal detector, the car GPS positioner can be locked within 5 cm range. No longer need to remove the vehicle to find, and reduce your workload , So that your car 100% security .Software part of the complete independent research and development, life-long free upgrade, GPS analyzer hardware part of the warranty for 2 years (supporting computer warranty 1 year)