Standby Sleep GPS car GPS detector analyzer detector positioning anti-anti-vehicle-specific targeting mortgage

Standby Sleep GPS car GPS detector analyzer detector positioning anti-anti-vehicle-specific targeting mortgage

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: latent GPS detector

This product is a combination of product mix, billing project for the computer host.

Can accurately detect find out all types of GPS (including ordinary wired, wireless magnetic, card standby, hibernation style, as detailed in the video), and can be done in 10 cm search to find accurate detection radius after 2-15 meters can be adjusted freely controlled. 1-3 minutes after power immediately know there are several GPS (or plug-in listeners) in the range, can be divided into an active, an average of 2-3 minutes can find out a locking GPS 0 absolutely false. this product is plug-listener can do spike!

Features super six
1, can detect all of the GPS, including ordinary wired, wireless magnetic card, send a message to standby card positioning, sleep timing boot.
2, the detection distance of 3-15 meters can be adjusted search, all within a 360 degree GPS search and quantization displayed.
3, with Taiwan origin (non-domestic assembly) with frequency display detector, detection sensitivity can be adjusted (maximum 3 meters minimum 5 cm) lock GPS locator range within 5 centimeters.
4, locking GPS locator signal frequency to achieve 0 false positives.
5, support for 24-hour monitoring of the vehicle, SLEEP formula GPS boot time, so that SLEEP GPS nowhere to hide.
Sign video Baidu network disk download
Equipment List
1, GPS analyzer 1 set (including a matching computer, software and hardware independent research and development, lifetime software upgrades, hardware 2-year warranty)
2, Taiwan's original ACECO band frequency display 1 wireless detector station (3 meters detection range of -15 cm adjustable)
3, GPS frequency jammers Taiwan
4, 5DB glue stick antenna 2, 10DB sucker antenna 2, 20DB sucker antenna 2
5, the analyzer 1 charger, 12V cigarette lighter power cord connected to a, USB cable 1
6, the operation of the video U disk 1, from the boot to detect full video explanation, within 10 minutes the church that you use.
1, high-capacity 12-volt battery pack LI 1 set (analyzer supports continuous operation 30 hours) Price 1800 yuan
Treasurer's words:
The company was formerly done GPS locator, GPS positioning equipment to function and works very well, after two years of independent research and development, is now available in this GPS detectors, direct search (search radius for GPS Locator 2-15 m adjustable), one can achieve sub-activation. with Taiwan origin signal detector, can be locked in car GPS locator within the range of 5 cm. longer without dismantling the vehicle searched, reduce your workload make your car 100% mortgage security software part is completely independent research and development, free upgrades for life, GPS analyzer hardware 2-year warranty (1 year warranty support computer)