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Spring and summer women 's pajamas women' s long - sleeved silk silk summer home suit suits spring and autumn mother loaded silk

Spring and summer women 's pajamas women' s long - sleeved silk silk summer home suit suits spring and autumn mother loaded silk
Product code: 50582600030
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Sold quantity 441
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: the summer of 2016
  • Application scenario: pajamas
  • Application object: suitable for youth
  • Lining material composition: polyester fibers 100%
  • Sales channel: pure e-commerce (online sales)
  • Fabric material composition: polyester fibers 100%
  • Brand: Ting Eland
  • Style number: HJY-20801-2
  • Color category: LJ-823-red LJ-823-LJ-823-local gold shiny purple grape seed LJ-008-LJ-008-Scarlet LJ-008-emerald green water LJ-008-rubber red LJ-008-red LJ-008-pink red 707 707-on show-watermelon red-white 707 707-707-peacock blue powder-champagne gold 102-pink red 701 701-on show Hong 701-watermelon red-701-champagne gold HJY-889-red HJY-889-red HJY-889-sunset pink-851-peacock blue-851-shiny violet
  • Size: 155 (s) 160 (m) 165 (l) 170 (XL) 175 (XXL)
  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Fabrics commonly known as: Silk
  • Fabric material: polyester fibres (polyester)
  • Contents: 95%
  • Fabric weight: 200g and below
  • Thickness: thin
  • Pattern: solid color
  • Garment details: embroidered
  • Collar type: led
  • Clothing RT: hedging
  • Sleeve length: long sleeve
  • Long pants: pants
  • Pants fly: the rubber band
  • For seasons: summer
  • Applying gender: female
  • Clothing style: sweet

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