Feng Shui Club | Gua mirrors, copper pendant convex concave gongluojingkaiguang gossip and mirror equipped with Wu di home

Feng Shui Club | Gua mirrors, copper pendant convex concave gongluojingkaiguang gossip and mirror equipped with Wu di home

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Feng Shui House
  • Model: Feng Shui House
  • Appearance: Kau Kung Tai Chi Bagua mirror convex concave mirror hanging ornaments
  • Color category: nine convex 12cm N1 nine concave 12cm concave mirror convex 12cm N3 12cm N2 compass compass seasons four seasons concave mirror convex 12cm N5 12cm N6 N4 nine convex 16cm N7 nine four seasons four seasons convex concave mirror 16cm N8 16cm N9 concave 16cm concave mirror convex 16cm N11 16cm N10 compass compass N12 nine convex 19cm N13 nine concave mirror convex 19cm N14 compass 19cm N15 Compass four seasons concave 19cm concave mirror four seasons namely 19cm 19cm N16 N17 N18 nine convex mirror with Wu di 12cm N19 nine convex distribution six 12cm N20 compass convex mirror with convex Wu di 12cm N21 compass distribution six seasons four seasons convex mirror equipped with Wu di 12cm di 12cm N22 N23 convex mirror equipped with six 12cm N24
  • Material: copper
  • Stock number: 12193
  • Application of space: the lobby
  • Style: traditional
  • Features: protect symbols of wealth
  • Decoration types: other/other

Bagua mirror
Bagua mirror is also called Tai Chi Bagua mirror: why Feng Shui has been called the mascot in China. Reportedly, dating back 7,000 years ago in the ancient times, Fu XI view image, started as gossip. ' To source for the morality of the gods, at the class of all things. ' Biography of Yi CI said: ' easy Tai Chi, is two, two four, four-like gossip. ' Tai Chi was one word, is an image of vitality unaware, is the root of heaven and Earth. Born Tai Chi yang, born static yin, Yin and Yang is two meters. Two meters and a yin and Yang is four images (Shao Yang, laoyang, Shao-yin, and old yin). Four is like heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang in nature, also on behalf of seasons four seasons. D like the yin and Yang, the gossip is generated. Eight trigrams representing heaven and Earth, wind, lightning, water, fire, mountain, city, and said health, Shun, Activision, who trapped Li, said. Mirror deter evil auspicious since ancient times. Legends ' Queen Mother in King House, casting mirror 12, increases with the use of, this mirrors the beginning. ' Ancient mirror bronze, popular during the warring States period. Tai Chi Bagua map, why with a circle in the center circle, draw the equivalent of two Yin-Yang represents everything to each other. Cloudy fish with black, and fish with white, which is the representation of day and night. There is a Yin Yang fish head, and Yin Yang fish head has a eye, said everything in the conversion, penetration, Yin and Yang, Yang and yin, Yin and Yang, reinforce each other, the philosophical opposites and contradictions in modern notation.
Concave mirror --Why concave Bagua mirrors its role in order to receive, such as a door down the stairs in the House, is an image of a frustrated, that is fiscal leakage. Concave mirror can recover the leaked hanging on the door of the gas, hanging, it is beautifully Feng Shui techniques. Concave mirror also has another a uses why received evil, are so-called to fast sent, will to bucket evil, received evil that received fiscal, especially in cross roadside of three evil bit business, can put Street in the of wealth received why has been with, received evil only suitable for commercial nature of places, or easy effect people of health, but received evil on required master must of Feng Shui knowledge only can using, or received and not of on lane skillfully anti-clumsy has, actually in received evil of while also to take must of of evil measures, its heavy is put envelope dispersed, beat, works makes its evil force weakened, of off part, Part, introduced into the House, through carefully planned in the interior layout, why go fortune.
Convex mirror --Why convex Bagua mirror the characteristics of evil, block, whose role is to reflect the envelope, and ease. Meet Lu Chong, inverse arch, lamp-posts, telephone poles, corner could be convex. So why Kat House haunted house. Such as home environment there is no envelope case, convex hung in the home, which is very likely JI home reflecting, it will impact home games, so, regardless of the Bagua mirror hanging should be cautious, but one thing to be noted is not one of the door, please. Even if envelope around all other methods, you do not have to use Ba Gua mirror to another gate.

Bagua mirrors are mainly used:
1, building close to a city where tall buildings than themselves, representatives of vulnerable and contingency, career difficult, not easy to successfully.
2, the company has or is on a straight road behind the House, forming red back arrow, committed is often what little wound, without the boss's recognition, difficulties in promotion and development.
3, next to the House there is a straight road inclined at the House, formed inclined, diagonal left shot Qinglong, injured men, women right oblique injury.
4, houses very close to the highway, forming cut foot brake, master luck again within the main house, and money together.
5, the company or the front of the lamp posts in front, road sign trees, formed through the heart, and made Lord of many illnesses, disaster and right and wrong.
6, residential towers in the vicinity or pointed objects to form a fire, disaster, fire and other accidents and ill health, and ill.
7, houses close to the factory buildings, and many chimneys of the factory, formed in the sky, made Lord of pain, accidental injury.
8, houses close to the altar, funeral homes, hospitals and other places, the main house wife how Dim, bad luck, often has nightmares.
9, shop, home earlier to the horns of the great wall, at a 45-degree angle shooting, good masters.
10, front corners of a House wall, on behalf of my wife's health is poor, and sick.
11, and home building across the window to see a bulge on behalf of House wife breast diseases, good for the owner.
Feng Shui described above on the ' envelope ' will have a big impact, convenient, and insurance processing method is in the appropriate position, ' Tai Chi, Tiger's head, compass Bagua mirror ' were able to deter the Commission of evil, dissolve the envelope.