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Frozen stockings pantyhose anti-hook Sixia season barreled thin models big yards sexy flesh-colored Siamese invisible bottoming socks

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 summer
  • Brand: Antarctic people
  • Style: BDNYZ8030
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Fabric Material: polyamide fibers (nylon) 85% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 15%
  • Color Classification: black Frozen Frozen Frozen gray complexion frozen coffee black anti-anti-hook wire hook wire color anti-hook wire hook wire anti-gray coffee black bikini bikini skin bikini bikini coffee gray skin frozen frozen fish head fish head fish head gray frost black frozen fish head coffee - black Size Size Size skin gray coffee Size large size large size black skin gray large size large size coffee
  • Size: Frozen water lock section [a former ice wearing ice, icy twill anti-wear] [anti-hook wire off the wire design, easy to hook wire [] beach bikini transparent invisible, charm butterfly crotch] [release frozen fish head socks toe, toes difficult to break the upgrade section [security] skirt pants + stockings patented 2 in 1]
  • Cylinder height: Rompers
  • Thickness: Slim
  • Crotch-bit style: double-sided plus crotch
  • Fabric material: Nylon
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: Tie-dye
  • Functional uses socks: Legs shaping
  • Style: Sexy
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Season: Summer

Frozen Antarctic summer thin stockings, mainly composed of: nylon and spandex, since the Antarctic manufacturers are more production batches of the factory is not the same so Num will be different, but the material is the same, the proportion of ingredients will vary, depending in order to receive the physical packaging components prevail description! (Below are some ingredients Num)

Frozen pantyhose (BD8030) Ingredients 1 Nylon spandex 81.7% 18.3% 90.2% Ingredients 2 nylon spandex 9.8%

(NYZBD8030): Nylon 85% spandex 15%

Frozen fish head socks (NYZBD022): Nylon 85% spandex 15%

Safety pants stockings (8002/8001): Ingredients 1 Nylon spandex 80.6% 19.4% 86.8% Ingredients 2 nylon spandex 13.2%