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Month suits double gauze pregnant women pajamas spring and summer postpartum nursing clothing out of spring and autumn feeding long sleeves

Month suits double gauze pregnant women pajamas spring and summer postpartum nursing clothing out of spring and autumn feeding long sleeves
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lmsj / Lin Mengshi home
  • Item: Double Gauze - Purple Small Sparrow - Purple
  • Upper and lower categories: underwear sets
  • Color classification: double gauze - purple small sparrow - purple
  • Size: M- (recommended 115 pounds) spring and summer new products - payment within 4 days delivery L (recommended 115-130 pounds) spring and summer new products - spot XL- (recommended 130-150 kg) spring and summer new - spot XXL- Recommended 150-170 pounds) spring and summer new - spot
  • Collar type: round neck collar
  • Sleeve: long sleeve
  • Pants long: trousers
  • Clothing placket: hedge
  • Pants placket: rubber band
  • Fabric: Other
  • Pattern: cartoon cartoon
  • Style: cute
  • Thickness: conventional
  • Applicable season: Spring and Autumn

Before the film tips: gauze thin and soft, easy to hang line, treat gauze clothes should be treated like silk clothes like care!

After washing easy to wrinkle, wash, please shake flicker and then drying!

Gauze are natural cotton extract, and then weaving made, so it is not as smooth as cotton, gauze fabric will inevitably have some small pimple similar to the ball, this is a normal, not a quality problem , Often wear gauze clothes pro should all know, such as organic vegetables, insect eye is the organic dish!

'product name' Pregnant and feeding home service
'Commodity structure' Coat chest horizontal breast opening, concealed to facilitate breastfeeding, waistband waist adjustment rope, waist size can be adjusted according to the size of the waist circumference.
'product's Colour' Such as color (physical color with the picture may be slightly deviated, because different fabrics in different light will show a variety of texture, to purchase the product in kind, hereby, hope that understanding!)
'Commodity fabric'

Coat cotton double gauze, pants 95% cotton + 5% spandex.

'Special Instructions' (Korean clothing taste, often elegant)
'Product grade' Class B (direct contact with skin products).
'Business size' M code, L code, XL code, XXL code.
'Warmth Monthly'

Pregnant women weight cycle small demo: (Select the size of the time can be used as a reference) pregnant women throughout the pregnancy is divided into 10 months (42 weeks).

0-3 months: Pregnancy reflects (morning sickness) large. Will be thin about 10-15 pounds.If the pregnancy is not reflected in the basic will remain in the original weight.

4-6 months: Weight will generally increase 5-10 pounds.

6-8 months: 6 months after the weight gain faster. Weight will generally increase about 10-15 pounds.

8-10 months: Some pregnant women because of their own or genetic factors edema. Weight gain 10-20 pounds.If there is no general increase in edema within 10 pounds.

(The above is based on the majority of pregnant women cycle. For reference only)

Coat size information ▲ ▲ABOUT SIZE
Shoulder width
Bust Tile
Sleeve Length
Long clothing
Abdominal stretch
M 39 98 55 68 140
L 40 102 56 70 145
58 73 155
Pants size information ▲ ▲ABOUT SIZE
Waist stretch
Pants belly
Hip circumference
Crotch depth
Pants long
M 70-100 80-100 82-103 33 50-60 90 (elastic stretchable to 94)
L 75-105 85-105 87-106 34 52-62 92 (Elasticity can be stretched to 96)
92-110 35 54-64
94 (Elastic stretchable to 98)
96 (Elasticity can be stretched to 100)
Remarks ▲ ▲MUST READ
1, due to different measurement methods, measurement allows 2-3cm within the error, this situation is not a quality problem.
2, the color of the clothes due to the reasons for the light may be different from the original color, single product to prevail in kind