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Ultra-miniature pinhole camcorder

Ultra-miniature pinhole camcorder
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made in China

◎ product may vary depending on the shooting with the display screen and produce color, please according to the actual delivery style prevail.
◎ product as once opened use or dismantling resulting in a lack integrity and lose value again when sold, will charge a fee of refurbishing.
◎ accessories, supplies and personal hygiene items, once opened can not be reinstated namely the goods, not sure whether to return for the previous Do not use opened.
◎ product will be tested before shipment, to ensure the functioning and the whole video as evidence, handle returns as before, do not use shrink-wrap, Packaging accessories (contents, gifts, etc.) in order to attach the actual commodity based.
◎ In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, consumers are entitled to the rights and interests of product arrival hesitant, but not the trial period of hesitation, it must return the product and the package is complete restitution (holding products, accessories, packaging, carton manufacturers and all accompanying documents or completeness of information), otherwise it will cost you a whole new charges!
◎ product warranty for the host motherboard inside the body, accessories / wire / Appearance / battery / supplies and other consumable parts belong to, it is not within the warranty.

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