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Garmin Jia Ming | HRM-3 third-generation heart rate belt | forerunner series |

Garmin Jia Ming | HRM-3 third-generation heart rate belt | forerunner series |
Product code: 4923500030
Unit price 63.8$
Sold quantity 40
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Garmin / Jiaming
  • Item: Soft heart rate band
  • Suitable for: Neutral
  • Display: double-explicit
  • Dimensions: None
  • Surface material: None
  • Case Material: None
  • Time to market: Fall of 2013
  • Function: heart rate measurement waterproof shock
  • Waterproof function: 30M
  • Strap Material: None
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Color Classification: HRM-3 third-generation heart rate band
  • Price range (outdoor table): 200-500 yuan
  • Whether the shock: Yes
  • Whether the luminous display: No
  • Watch Categories: electronic watches

2, 620, 920 HRM-RUN advanced heart rate zone, other watches, hand ring code table, etc. HRM-3 third-generation heart rate band

Instructions for use

The first thing you saw was a heart rate monitor, which contained a strap, a sensor, and a simple multilingual manual.

First look at the heart rate monitor with the settings, first of all to wear the heartbeat band, the tape has been fixed on the left and right in the chest position to avoid the wrong direction .

There is a sign above the tape tips, wear, respectively, before the three places in the tape dip a little water, do wear the action.

Then find the heart rate monitoring band items.
Finally, select Open to pair.
The actual test, the first time in the paired spent a little more, about 30 seconds or so, after the success of the state of the surface is updated to be linked.
And then back to the main function page, you can clearly see the current heart rate slightly.
After entering the maximum heart rate, then the establishment of the heart rate zone value, the value is divided into five parts, each zone for the body to bring the feelings and effects are somewhat different, this description in the fenix original instructions inside to FENIX As an example, on the rough translation of the following table so that we refer to.