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Excellent bilateral breastpumps | electric breast pump automatic milking device | maternal milk extractor | mute

Excellent bilateral breastpumps | electric breast pump automatic milking device | maternal milk extractor | mute
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YOUHA / excellent match
  • Model: YH-8004
  • Style: electric type
  • Material: Polypropylene (pp)

Excellent brand genuine guarantee!

Queen's Day activities 310 yuan, still presented 30 breast milk bags, still 包邮 SF Express, after the end of the event to restore 356 yuan!

Excellent 2016 annual flagship models, bilateral electric breast pump, more powerful, of course, more efficient!

Features: 1, both sides can be used on both sides, while smoking at the same time not only save time, Also increased the amount of milk 2, plug - in charging dual - use, an increase of removable rechargeable batteries. (Battery costs about 150 yuan) Other brands of bilateral breast pump if the out or any place to move inconvenient to plug in, to buy another 4 batteries, so do not have to spend another money to buy, the battery power is not enough enough to not use enough, as dummy. This improved the lack of other brands, you can directly plug in and increase the large capacity battery , Full of electricity can be used for 3 hours, enough to meet the 2 days out, go out to work no longer have to worry about no place to plug, and want to use.

Warm Tip: There are mom feedback that suck some pain, the model is not used correctly Oh. There are three modes: pink light mode and red light mode are not painful, very comfortable sucking powder. Pink light is massage mode, red light is Sucking mode; blue light is easy to agglomerate the time, this pattern some pain, but the help of agglomeration, usually less or not use this mode of smoking. Press the mode switch key to switch back to the red light mode suction.

All the accessories are tested safe and healthy, without any taste, duckbill valve and massage pad, silicone diaphragm is silicone material, and pacifier is the same material, is safe, if boiled disinfection, it is recommended off the fire, So as not to touch the bottom of the pot, usually these accessories are best to use about 70 degrees hot, so as to avoid prolonged high temperature easy to wear caused by smaller suction, unified with two spare duckbill valve, if the loss of suction to replace the new duck The valve can restore the suction.