Excellent bilateral breastpumps | electric breast pump automatic milking device | maternal milk extractor | mute

Excellent bilateral breastpumps | electric breast pump automatic milking device | maternal milk extractor | mute

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: YOUHA / excellent cooperation
  • Model: YH-8004
  • Style: electric
  • Material: Polypropylene (pp)

Excellent brand of genuine guarantee!

Excellent 2016 annual flagship models, bilateral electric breast pump, of course, more efficient power higher!

Features: 1, both sides can be used bilateral, bilateral suction while not only save time, Also increase the amount of milk . 2, plug-in dual-use charge, an increase of mobile rechargeable batteries. (Battery costs about 150 yuan) Other brands of bilateral breast pump if you go out or anywhere convenient inconvenience to plug-in, to purchase 4 batteries, so do not also need to spend money to buy environmental protection, battery power is not enough suction can not be used as empty. This improved the lack of other brands, you can plug the power and increase the large capacity battery , Full of electricity can be used 3 hours, enough to meet two days out to go out to work no longer have to worry about no place to plug the power, and arbitrary, would like to use to use.

SF, before 11 am photographed, arranged in the morning issued by SF; photographed before 8 pm can be arranged to issue the same day!

There are three modes: pink light mode and the red light mode is not painful, very comfortable breast pump. Pink light is the massage mode, the red light is a light, Sucking mode; blue light is convenient when the use of agglomeration, this model some pain, but helpful for the caking, usually less or not use this mode of sucking milk.Press the mode switch to switch back to red light mode suction.

All the accessories are tested safe and healthy, there is no taste, duckbill valve and massage pad, silicone diaphragm is a silicone material, and the pacifier is the same material, is safe, if the boiled disinfection, the proposed off the fire, So as not to touch the bottom of the pot, usually the best of several accessories with 70 degrees hot, so as to avoid prolonged high temperature loss caused by suction smaller, unified two spare duckbill valve, if the loss of suction smaller change new duckbill Valve can restore suction.