Leling | ZC3-A-type Hammer, concrete Hammer, concrete Hammer

Leling | ZC3-A-type Hammer, concrete Hammer, concrete Hammer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: in the back
  • Model: ZC3-A
  • Item: ZC3-A
  • Color Classification: Hammer + Warranty + Homer Rebound + 17% invoice invoice
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

House inspection tools
  • Sound drum testing hammer stretching drum hammer inspection room hollow hammer, inspection room tool retractable hammer set ¥9.90
  • In the back of the ZC5 mortar hammer, Shandong Leling, 包邮 ¥480.00
  • 2 meters engineering inspection ruler, the vertical test ruler (2m by foot), two meters of level, engineering quality inspection ¥145.00
  • The South and the inside and outside the right angle test ruler yin and yang angle detection ruler rectangular angle angle detection foot examination room tools ¥25.00
  • Building inspection, inspection tool kits, construction quality testing kit, construction kit 14 ¥80.00
  • Wenzhou southern gap detection, flatness detection, wedge 0-15mm vernier gap detection smoothness ¥18.00
  • JZC-B2-type slope, universal slope, multi-function slope measuring instrument Magnetic magnetic angle meter ¥48.00
  • Leling ZC3-A-type Hammer, concrete Hammer, concrete Hammer, ¥388.00
  • Wenzhou South 5 m 8 functional magnetic line fall, line down, line hammer pendant, hanging hammer hanging ¥33.00
  • Electrogenerator phase detector triode detector safety plug leakage socket power detector 10A16 inspection room ¥10.00
  • Wenzhou South Highway Engineering Survey ruler three meters ruler, 3 meters ruler by the foot of the flatness of the foot level of the foot folds ¥180.00
  • Induction measuring pen non-contact electroscope pen multi-function induction electro-optical pen sound and light tips national 包邮 ¥26.00

Shandong Leling Hammer Factory production, the strength of the old factory, quality assurance, leave a compensable 10,

User Weapon:

Youku online Hammer operation demonstration:

Http: // vyoukucom / v_show / id_XNDEzODc2MDQ4html

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  • Gravel funnel sand funnel sand funnel aggregate standard funnel bulk density meter ¥50.00
  • Volume capacity barrels 1-30-50L Concrete Apparent Density Tester Concrete Density Tester Cap Capacity Cylinder ¥300.00
  • The new standard stainless steel cement slurry funnel, cement slurry consistency meter, pressure slurry flow detector ¥128.00
  • Shandong Leling TH-1-type concrete depth of carbonation measuring instrument, carbonation depth gauge analyzer ¥158.00
  • GZ Ⅱ in the back of the rate of determination of steel anvil, steel drilling, Shandong Leling concrete type ¥700.00
  • JDC series of concrete electronic thermometer with temperature probe embedded temperature line embedded line 0.5m ¥1.00
  • CA-3-type direct reading gas content analyzer, concrete gas content analyzer 7L ¥1200.00
  • 40B curing box humidifier ultrasonic humidifier curing box dedicated high-power ¥220.00
  • Concrete curing box, cement specimen curing box, the standard constant temperature and humidity curing tank 40B stainless steel liner ¥2600.00
  • Yamaha engine concrete drilling core machine, road drilling machine, gasoline drilling rig Taizhou Jiaojiang ¥6500.00
  • 1.5mm thick concrete slump tube, concrete slump meter, concrete slump tube, concrete slump meter ¥100.00