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Micro Mini Bench Drill Precision Drilling Machine Milling Machine Bead Making Machine Small Household Tools 13mm

Micro Mini Bench Drill Precision Drilling Machine Milling Machine Bead Making Machine Small Household Tools 13mm
Product code: 48981400030
Unit price 31.19-105.56$
Sold quantity 6435
Available stock 1949

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand: gold bullet
  • Model: 5068E
  • Operation: desktop
  • Item: Micro bench drill
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Color classification: 340W standard paragraph 'no gift' 340W standard + flat clamp 'send screw' 340W standard + upgrade table 'send screw' 480W luxury 'gift' 480W luxury + flat clamp 'gift' 480W luxury + [580W] Customized '+ 580W' Customized '+ Flattened Clamp' 580W 'Customized' + Upgrade Workbench 'Gift' 580W 'Customized' + Flatten Clamp + '680W high payment' 680W high payment + flat clamp 'gift' 680W high allocation + upgrade section table + flat clamp 'gift' 680W high allocation + flat mouth clamp + blade Buddha beads knife 'Buddha beads production sets'' Gift 'upgrade 710W' gift '
  • Drill type: bench drill
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Speed: fixed speed
  • Chuck Type: Universal Chuck
  • Maximum clamping capacity: 13mm
  • Whether positive or negative: no
  • Power supply: AC power

340w bench for the intended use : Drilling circuit board PVC thin wood products! Features are fast drilling speed, clamping the drill bit is small. A special group of customer needs to use. Drilling material hardness is too high or too thick thickness is not suitable for.

Such as the production of Buddha beads hole and drill metal objects recommended to choose high-rated 680w high-power or 580W custom bench drill more suitable!

Hope that the majority of pro to see before buying or contact customer service clear! Please choose carefully , Items are relatively heavy, if the non-quality reasons for the return policy, need to be responsible for the pro-Oh!

Custom section 580W Belong to our newly developed bench drill, combined with the original luxury models 480W and high with 680W two features, drilling at the same time can also be suitable for most of the material Buddha beads making openings! Affordable, cost-effective choice

The production of Buddha beads of the pro, you can also refer to the following with the polishing disc to facilitate further grinding and polishing.

For the problem of individual pro-reaction machine noise, Our bench drills due to the relatively large motor, so can not achieve the mute effect (about 55-86 dB)! (All the power tools are the same), the sound of the pro-please carefully shot!

Diamond drill manufacturers to provide the drilling capacity parameters for your reference!

High allocation drilling capacity: drill iron: 8mm

Drilling wood: 30mm

Luxury drilling capacity: drill iron: 2mm

Drilling wood: 25mm

Nonferrous metals: 5mm

The specific situation also depends on the operational capacity (such as the operator's grinding bit technology, the characteristics of various materials and processing common sense: for example, processing of metal generally need to add coolant or water to prevent high temperature burn the workpiece or drill).