Feathers | FY-03SS1C-30 Tankless electric faucet kitchen bathroom shower faucet water side

Feathers | FY-03SS1C-30 Tankless electric faucet kitchen bathroom shower faucet water side

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: feathers FY-03SS1C-30
  • Time to Market: 2015-6
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Heating power: 3000W
  • Packing size: 232x113x275mm
  • Brand: flight feathers
  • Model: FY-03SS1C-30
  • Stacking Limit: 4 layers
  • Dimensions: 210x100x160mm
  • Gross Weight: 1.2kg
  • Requirements for wire cross-section: 1.5 sq mm
  • Water way: side inlet
  • Color Category: White
  • Style: Single hole
  • Faucet whether the rotation: rotatable

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Use one minute consumes only 3 cents (6 per kWh according to gross calculation 2)

Note the use of electric faucet
1, when using the maximum water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

2, prohibit the use of inverted.
3, the nozzle must be kept open, regular cleaning nozzle hole can not be blocked, prohibit access to water flow switch showerheads and other choke element.
4, the heater can be applied to the water supply pipe line connection, and connected by a metal tube, to keep the product well grounded
5, the use of tap water pressure should not exceed the mark indicates the use of pressure, must be grounded.
6, the user should check the installation look meter, gates, fuses, circuit diameter and whether to switch on the water heater through the circuit, the capacity of these devices should meet the current needs.
7, since the civilian grid capacity is generally small, so you do not use and other high-capacity appliances (rice cookers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc.) in the use of the water heater.
8, if the water heater in the water may freeze, disable power to the water heater