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U8 Student Adult Smart Watch Touch-screen Sport Calculator Strap Bluetooth Talk Phone Apple Andrews Companion

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wei Sen
  • Model: U8
  • Communication type: No card
  • Black 'Standard Edition - No Elevation' White 'Standard Edition - No Altitude' Red 'Standard Edition - No Altitude' Black 'Upgrade - With Altitude' White ' ''
  • Screen size: 1.44 inches
  • Screen resolution: 128x128 pixels
  • Connection: Bluetooth connection
  • Battery capacity: 230mAh
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Strap material: silica gel
  • Dial shape: square
  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS
  • Features: intelligent reminder sleep monitoring social entertainment Bluetooth call timer remote self-timer

The following is a link you ask me, buyers can carefully read, you can solve part of the troubled Oh (after-sales Q & A)

Q: How can not accept my micro-watch, QQ And other information?

A: Pro, Apple does not support the system; if your phone is Andrews system, according to the instructions above instructions to download Bluetooth notification APK To your phone, and then push the features you need, you can receive information on the function, the watch does not support sending information.

CUSTOMER Q & A: Can this watch insert a card?

A: pro, this watch can not plug the card, it is connected to the phone after Bluetooth to achieve the following description of the function, (some features do not have to connect Bluetooth can also be used).

Q: Does this watch support Apple's mobile phone?

A: pro, watch compatible Andrews mobile phone, (Apple phone only supports call synchronization, Bluetooth music, alarm clock, calendar, step, stopwatch, calculator, sleep monitoring).

Q: Can this watch make a phone call?

A: Yes, this is a Bluetooth connection after the phone can take a call, the main function of your phone can be achieved with Bluetooth Oh.

Q: What is the standard way?

A: The factory standard with (charging cable, manual, box, watch), delivery will use a small carton packaging to ensure the safety of the courier to the hands of buyers.

U8Smart Bluetooth watch which highlights it?

1.Watch the appearance of simple three-dimensional style capacitive screen smart Bluetooth watch

2.Bluetooth dial-up connection when the Bluetooth, you can dial the phone number on the watch, you can connect Andrews Apple system;

3.Synchronous smart phone on the phone book, do not dig the phone can query or call on the watch;

4.When the phone to ring or vibration alarm, and display the phone number, no need to take a smart phone, you can watch the call, so do not miss the caller;

5.Anti-loss function When the smartphone is lost, over 10Meters or so, the watch will ring or vibration to remind you, no longer worry about losing the phone;

6.SMS sync as long as you install Android smartphone APK Software, when the message can be in the watch to remind and view;

5.Built-in speaker can be hands-free calls, Bluetooth 3.0Module, the call effect is more smooth

Most Android systems support the features in the description;

For the time being only support the Apple phone synchronization, Bluetooth music, step, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, alarm clock, sleep monitoring.