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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Spring, 2016
  • Brand: child bud
  • Safety Class: Class B
  • Material Composition: Cotton 95% Polyurethane Elastic Fiber (Spandex) 5%
  • Color Classification: white grass green light green light yellow light red light gray lotus root starch blue light blue
  • Applicable Gender: Neutral
  • pattern: plain
  • Style: sleeveless
  • Item No .: AYA15o
  • Reference Height: 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160
  • Model real shot: real shot model
  • Applicable season: not limited to the season
  • Fabric: Cotton (95% and above)
  • Style: wild
  • Collar type: round neck
  • Whether with a hat: None

Description of fabric and curling effect

Fabric thickness is the weight of the unit area to that is what we usually refer to the weight, selected young children's cotton buds developed this high-density cotton knitted fabrics, Weight 160g or so , To meet the absorbent sweat breathable fresh comfort under the premise, but also to meet the curling edge of the natural effect of the design.

When you receive the clothes may not have the picture looks perfect curling effect, it does not matter, you just The neckline and cuffs will be pulled, repeated several times , Or again Manual volume about , Immediately out of curling effect, of course Washed through after Curling effect will be more natural.

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