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'Pigeon' Pigeon anti-spill pad (120 + 12) piece PL163

'Pigeon' Pigeon anti-spill pad (120 + 12) piece PL163
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pigeon / Pigeon
  • Pui pro-number: QA23
  • Style: 120 pcs
  • Specifications: 120 tablets
  • Product bar code: 6952703700050
  • Item No .: QA23

Q: How much time must change the breast pad?
A: Please change the pad every 3 ~ 4 hours.
Breast milk is rich in nutrients, accompanied by body temperature, milk pad inside prone to corruption and mildew phenomenon.
Please note that frequent replacement.

Q: What is the material of the breast pad?
A: The surface of the breast pad is made of polyolefin, such as polyethylene, which is soft and comfortable to fit the skin.
In order to better absorb galactorrhea, milk pad inside the appropriate amount of polymer.

Q: What is a buffer layer?
A: Rapid absorption, evenly dispersed structure, so that galactorrhea can be instantaneous absorption, and to prevent rewet.
Q: Compared with the existing products, what are the obvious improvements?
A: As the original product reflects the wrinkles of the product will be tingling and other phenomena, so the three-dimensional molding method has been changed from the original fold-type adhesive type. This shape design can also be more fit the chest, wearing no trace. Performance (anti-leakage, water absorption, etc.) remains unchanged.