Taiwan | Yonghe three beauties | Sponge | natural latex | Large 8cm

Taiwan | Yonghe three beauties | Sponge | natural latex | Large 8cm

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Yonghe three beauty professional makeup sponge ...
  • Color: white
  • Beauty Tools category: facial beauty toiletries
  • Beauty Tools category: makeup puff
  • Beauty tools: cosmetic sponge
  • Brand: Yonghe three beauties
  • Makeup/beauty tools item: professional makeup sponge #414
  • Specifications type: normal
  • Function: waterproof
  • For skin: any skin
  • Origin: Taiwan Province
  • Shelf life: 3 years

"Brand" Yonghe three beauties "Origin" Taiwan
"Name" Natural latex sponge puff (dry-wet dual purpose) King 8cm "Color"
"Specifications" 8cm "Packaging" for new packaging
"Shelf life" of five years "People group" all groups

1: wash with

2: apply liquid Foundation and isolation when using

3: direct when the powder puff, powder coated stuff

4: mask, particularly cleaning, Green Clay, white clay, or Guang Yuan Liang powder mask.

By: press powder to dip the amount of makeup, skin gradually pushed on.

Wetlands: the sponge absorbs enough water, wrung after use. After using or before receipt, please do consider the water fully dried.


Dameiren: first choice for daily washing and cleansing mask, large area, rapid removal-mud mask;

Chinese and American people: apply Foundation or wet by pushing the powder, recommended cut into several small pieces and discarded after use;

The gesture: size fitting easily into a powder or loose powder box, easy to carry, wet/dry dual-use, the latest products.

Powder puff in order to ' low-value consumable ' use high frequency, so please don't expect it to take a long time, push the Foundation or powder used, need to be cleaned or replaced periodically periodically to ensure health. Wash your face with, particularly consumables. How long can I use may differ, properly maintained, using a 10 day half a month no problem, improper maintenance, waste may be 3-4 days ~ so, when poor flexibility or color are found, replace the product.