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Sundance Kid PSP handheld console Andrews smart handheld WIFI Internet CF Cross Fire king of glory

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Subor / bully S700
  • Brand: Subor / bully
  • Sundance Kid Model: S700
  • Release Type: Chinese mainland
  • Package: single standard
  • color: black
  • Memory capacity: 16GB

Buy now send 16G memory card, limited 30, please pay close attention snapped!

Customer Notices:

This product is in accordance with market demand bully developed new, cost-effective to ask other buyers! Praise is endless!!!

1. In the game, you can either play the big computer games, including 2k and other computer online games you can play, oh, you can also play games like PSP, the simulator takes all nine oh. Few products on the market can do to such high-end features.

2. Purpose, her rival high-definition flat, but the price is far below the plate, can enjoy even WiFi Android phone Play games, watch a variety of movies.

3. In the design, the 360-degree double rocker design, this set joystick is very flexible, you can control the game gently struck, used buyers say good. Played handheld joystick know ineffective is more painful, flexible rocker make you feel to play the game simply could not stop.

4. On the price, this machine we wanted to sell 898, but many players are students, I think the more hard to force school days, even a second-hand mobile phones do not dare to buy. I communicate with the boss for a long time, Xinyi Heng boss to sell at that price, which is the present manager can do for you are a good thing for the last, and the future is likely to be price increases oh, ha ha.

here, Our solemn promise, if you buy back the feel suddenly not fun or do not want, no problem! Within seven days at any time without affecting the secondary sales can be returned! You can also buy then passed back to play two days. Finally, I wish you a happy way they play!