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Wig short hair fluffy female handsome bobo | fashion short wig pear head | short curly hair mushroom head simulation hair

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Siyem / Starry Night
  • Brand: Siyem / Starry Night
  • Wigs single product: HT368
  • Color classification: linen yellow hair + hair net deep chestnut brown + hair network
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: high temperature wire
  • Wig Liu Category: Qi Liu
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Hair
  • Style: sweet and lovely

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Starry Night US / SIYEM


Matt high temperature wire

Imported roses within the network

Thin moderate thickness thick

Matte moderate bright

Convenient and simple general slightly difficult

Very easy to general difficult difficult

Durable and generally faster

Models wearing linen yellow!

The picture shows yellow linen

The following picture is deep chestnut brown

Egg roll volume-rich drape effect Broken thin bang design