Copper Pixiu Decoration of a pair of copper Lucky home living room office decorations Feng Shui Decoration

Copper Pixiu Decoration of a pair of copper Lucky home living room office decorations Feng Shui Decoration

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Feng Shui Court
  • Model: Feng Shui Court
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Classification: gold small single high only 4.5cm gold single small high single 5cm high gold 5cm gold in a single male high 6.5cm gold single female high 7cm gold in a pair of high 7cm gold single large public High 9cm gold single female high 9cm gold one on the high 9cm gold increased single high 12cm gold single parent high 12.5cm gold increased a pair of high 12cm gold large single high 18cm gold large single Female high 19.5cm gold large one pair of high 18cm gold oversized single high 25cm gold holding element alone single high 15cm coffee color large single male high 9.5cm gossip paragraph coffee color large single female high 9.5cm coffee color freshman 9.5cm high gossip coffee color large single high 9.5cm coffee color freshman high 9.5cm
  • Material: copper
  • Item No .: ZUTZ3239
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

Brave the role of Feng Shui:

1. has the role of the town house evil spirits will be open brave placed in the home, can make the home run, good fortune, get rid of evil, the effect of the town house, become the home of the patron saint,
In addition to helping financial side, the financial is also helpful, so businessmen should also be placed brave in the company or at home.
3. To resolve the role of five yellow big evil. For the evil of the town house and Wang Cai, especially in wealth, brave is a more obvious role.
4. For those who are unfavorable to job hunting, unsuccessful career, poor financial management, it is recommended to wear open brave, so that your career is satisfactory, is wealth, partial financial all, can firmly hold the wealth will not leak, more money Increasing.
5. brave placed in any appropriate location in the home, can bring wealth and unexpected fortune, if the house uneasy, loss of money, family disagreement, are recommended to wear open brave or placed brave decoration, drive away the evil, Good luck to strengthen, the effect of the town house, becoming the home of the patron saint, security and home security.
6. Engaged in business or business work, you can wear open brave or placed Pi Xiu Decoration, to facilitate the transaction.Because the legend of brave love gold and silver treasures of taste, often bite back to gold and silver treasure to discuss the owner's favor.
7. For those who seek money, if you wear open brave brave or placed in the home open brave, there may be surprising results.
In addition to helping the financial side of the brave, the money is also helpful, so people who do business should also be placed brave in the company or at home, pray for it to protect the home peace and tranquility, the case of elegant help, so positive .

9. Pixiu sacred animal can help the owner to withdraw money, bite money, not only into, it is a very good Lucky, Shou Cai's animal.

Pixiu placed should pay attention to:
1. Pi Xiu's head can be towards the direction of the doors and windows, if not facing the doors and windows, but also does not matter, but do not recommend the head straight into the main entrance, because the main entrance legend is the God of Wealth, if only on the main entrance position, A little toward the main entrance to show respect for the God of Wealth.
2. Pi Xiu's head not directed at the bathroom, because the bathroom is filthy.
3. brave head not facing the fish tank, pool, etc., see the meaning of financial water.
4 brave head can not move toward the bed.
5. From the Buddhist point of view to talk about 'revel', brave placed the location and time with the edge, does not matter, but not recommended on the kitchen and bathroom.
6. From the point of view of feng shui, should be placed in the angry bit, the angry bit is divided into housing wang bit (for business premises) and Ben Wang position (for individual families).

7. If the Buddha statues, the gods enshrined together, the correct order should be: the Buddha for the middle, like the Buddha for the Buddha next to the image for the Bodhisattva in the next, revealing for the outside, close to Sambo.
8. Pi Xiu do not need incense, if conditions permit, you can for water and fruit water, fruit and five emperor money (or six emperor money / ten emperor money).