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In the control intelligence U100 fingerprint attendance machine | punch card machine | TCP / IP network-based attendance UNPROFOR

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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: Zkteco
  • Model: U100
  • Attendance type: multi-functional one
  • Official standard (1 year of UNPROFOR) official standard (to increase the wide area network BS function) official standard (an increase of wide area network BS software set)
  • Access authentication: fingerprint
  • After-sales service: Genius

Official standard: Power cord instructions screwdriver package after the hanging plate data cable rs485 cable

product description:

U100 is a kind of fingerprint attendance which is designed and produced by Zhongwei Technology, which is based on independent research and development of the leading multimedia ZEM500 series development platform.It adopts high-definition international quality LCD screen, self-service identification terminal of Linux system, optical system adopts new anti- The interface is not only standard TCP / IP interface configuration, and configured to support the Client mode USB interface, making the interface technology and the development of IT technology, data transmission is 232 times more than the number of ways , The other standard TCP / IP network interface to support cross-segment, the adoption of the global mainstream Linux system, stable and reliable network transmission, each device has a legitimate authorized the only MAC address for a complex environment in the network environment U series is currently the industry's most advanced fingerprint attendance terminal products, let us join hands without entering the high-speed USB interface 232 era!


· The new anti-shake design, to ensure a more clear and effective fingerprint image, the recognition algorithm used in the control of the latest Biokey VX8.0 version of high-speed dual-engine fingerprint identification algorithm, greatly speeding up the identification speed
* Stable Linux-based TCP / IP design, will make cross-network segment, complex network connectivity easily
* USB high-speed download, making the interface technology and IT technology synchronization, data transfer speed is 232 times more than the number of ways
Support multi-language printing prompt operation
· Optical pick-up 'enhanced film' to improve the image quality, to accept dry, wet fingers, fingers to support 360-degree identification, easy to use good performance
· Timing ringing function integrated into the fingerprint machine, not only can save costs, but also easy to manage, can be used to set the bell ringing bell time period