God mastiff | chain saws | portable wire saw | Hand saw | wire saw survival

God mastiff | chain saws | portable wire saw | Hand saw | wire saw survival

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: God mastiff
  • Product Number: SA00087
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 58
  • Time to market: 2014 summer

God mastiff chain saws

Usage: by hand saw pulled back and forth friction in the cutting object, a few seconds to get in the course, to keep the chain saw has been straightened!!

[Introduction] chain saw: 1, chain saw is a survival backpack important items that can saw off the very thick tree, and in your backpack, hanging in the body is not space, is almost negligible. 2, our specially designed chain saw, saw into the thick line can usually use two kinds of washing serrated sawing wood, PVC materials, etc., can be coarsely toothed saw the iron in an emergency situation (because of the particularity of iron in iron sawing process the serrations will cause wear and tear, it is not recommended to use)!

[Chain Saw Features]: Good quality, sharp saw cut, small size, light weight, easy to carry, is a good tool for outdoor survival sawing wood, plastic, bone, rubber and other materials, is an important piece of camping gear items. , high-quality high-strength tensile tool steel.

Currently there are silver and deep black color 2, random delivery, do not receive a designation, mind carefully shot!