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Qiqi hair Xinjiang long - staple cotton baby line 8 children of cotton yarn cotton baby yarn color cotton fine line

Qiqi hair Xinjiang long - staple cotton baby line 8 children of cotton yarn cotton baby yarn color cotton fine line
Product code: 48450900030
Unit price 1.73$
Sold quantity 6344
Available stock 3964

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Summer 2012
  • Brand: Qi hair
  • Wool Material: Cotton thread
  • Item: 8 shares of cotton yarn
  • Color Classification: sky blue light pink orange milk white light fruit green milk yellow goose yellow smoke ash deep blue pure white pink pink pink red baby green rice white light blue blue light yellow
  • Pricing unit: yuan / group
  • Wool thickness: other

Purchase Notes:

Delivery time: 16 points before the payment, can be shipped the same day, individual out of stock later .16 points after the order as far as possible the same day, no time to send the next day.

(A) fill line
Get the thread after the group to retain the paper ring, the color number and cylinder number above is based on the fill line, if not enough to replenish as soon as possible, the same color number will have different color cylinder. As the saying goes thousands of thousands of colors, so make sure the line must consult the spot cylinder, baby pictures represent the color, the cylinder number on the map is not necessarily the line cargo of the cylinder number.

(B) the inventory situation
Because the restaurant is the order of payment by the customer delivery, so there will be occasional shot before asking the goods out of stock after the situation, if out of stock, we will promptly telephone exchange or refund, please understand!

(C) the amount of wool
The amount of yarn and sweater style, pattern, loose and knitting elastic and other factors related to customer service dosage are flat needle, for reference only, not as buyers and sellers, the seller out of freight reasons.Tip: Wool cylinder number is often replaced, in order to ensure that the wool for the same cylinder number, it is recommended that buyers purchase a one-time margin as far as possible!)

(D) the quality of wool
All products sold are genuine, because some of the more complex process of wool (especially high-grade line), not the same batch of quality, feel, thickness, etc. may be slightly different. The weight of the integrated yarn error of not more than 5%, the number of end-of-head not more than five that belong to the State Technical Supervision Bureau qualified range. On the floating color phenomenon: dark lines, such as black, navy, etc., in the weaving or the initial washing will be a little fade phenomenon, professional said floating color, after washing, this situation will be improved.

(E) of the original packaging wool small details
Wool group is wrapped around the paper ring, paste glue more or less, paper ring is open is a normal thing; Inside and outside the package above the number, color number, cylinder number and other text, due to printing problems, and sometimes may not clear or print errors, this is we can not control; As the packaging of the factory sometimes updated, we will randomly shipped, please prevail in kind.

(F) on the packaging
As the wool box are relatively heavy, freight deliberately bargain we do not give the wool box.