Opt for hair Xinjiang cotton thread cotton baby line children 8 shares colored cotton thread cotton yarn baby wool

Opt for hair Xinjiang cotton thread cotton baby line children 8 shares colored cotton thread cotton yarn baby wool

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: The summer of 2012
  • Brand: opt for hair
  • Wool material: cotton
  • Item: 8 shares of cotton yarn
  • Color classification: sky blue pink orange cream custard apple green light yellow light blue white soot Pink Rose Cheng pink baby green off-white light yellow light blue sky blue
  • Pricing Unit: yuan / group
  • Wool weight: Other

Seller Promotion Date: 2015-12-05 11:54 --2016-08-31 14:11
Single orders over 58 yuan Free shipping (Not the region: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas)

Cotton yarn is not flat knitting needles Oh, point to weave fancy, otherwise oblique sheet.

Purchase Notes:

Delivery time: 16 points before the payment can be shipped the same day, the individual out of 16 points later issued an order issued the day after as much as possible, too late to send the next day.

(A) line up
Get a line group later to the reserve line paper ring above color number and fill the cylinder number is based on the line, may not be enough if you want to replenishment as soon as possible, the same color number of different cylinder numbers will be color. As the saying goes one thousand cylinders thousand colors, so make sure to consult spot line cylinder number, baby pictures represent color, cylinder number line on the graph is not necessarily the number of cargo tank.

(B) inventory
Because the restaurant is by the guests the payment order has shipped, so occasionally ask before making the stock, out of stock of the situation after the shot, if out of stock, we will promptly contact telephone exchange or refund, please understand!

(Iii) the amount of wool
The amount of wool sweaters and style, pattern, easing the tightness of the weave and other factors related to customer service recommended dosage needles are flat amount, for reference only, not as a buyer to return, the seller justifications freight. (Tip: wool cylinder number is changed frequently, in order to ensure that the buy wool for the same number of cylinders, we recommend buyers try to time purchase Qi margin)!

Quality (iv) of wool
All products sold are genuine, since some wool process more complicated (especially the high-end line), not the same batch of quality, feel, thickness, etc. may be slightly different. Integration wool error is less than 5% by weight, the number of knots breaks no more than five countries, namely belong to the scope of qualified technical supervision. About floating color phenomenon: the dark lines, such as black, navy, etc., in the braid or first wash will fade a little phenomenon called floating color professional, after washing, such a situation will improve.

(V) original packaging yarn small details
Ball of yarn is wrapped around the paper ring, more or less paste glue, paper ring is opened is a normal thing; External packaging the above number, color number, cylinder number and other text, due to problems on the printing may sometimes not clear or typographical errors, that is we can not control; Because sometimes the factory packaging updates, we will randomly shipped, please prevail in kind.

(Vi) on packaging
Because wool boxes are relatively heavy, shipping terms deliberately bargain we do not give wool box hope understanding.