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Many provinces | Deli 3874 Comb Binding Machine binding contract bids progressive effort knife set 25 / times

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: Deli / Deli
  • Model: 3874

Deli (deli) 3874 Progressive knife block design effort Comb Binding Machine

3874 Comb Binding Machine sized display

3874 Comb Binding Machine show in real

3874 Comb Binding Machine components show details

Deli Comb Binding Machine Binding Machine competing with other brands than

Deli Brand: The 'progressive group effort knife', the cutter 21 is divided into seven groups of 3, ladder-like distribution

Other brands: use piece of steel cutter, binding effort, stability in general use

Deli brand: steel stamping molding base, strong impact

Other brand: ordinary molded base is not strong, poor impact resistance, easy to damage

Deli Brand: Choudao can achieve 1-21 hole adjustable, can avoid nicking the edge of the paper

Other brands: no Choudao design, produce inconvenience during use, easy to make paper chipped

Deli brand: We focus on every detail, select each component

Other brands: inexpensive small workshop equipment, materials, poor, low quality

3874 Comb Binding Machine Notes and reminders during use

3874 Comb Binding Machine Use Procedure Display

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