To M600 Phantom mad snake 2 generation of macro programming gaming gaming mouse cable LOL light speed QA instant spy CF

To M600 Phantom mad snake 2 generation of macro programming gaming gaming mouse cable LOL light speed QA instant spy CF

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: E-3LUE / should Bo EMS600
  • Brand: E-3LUE / should Bo
  • Model: EMS600
  • Package type: official standard
  • Black and white version of the crack version of the black - the whole macro version of the black white - full macro version of the white crack version of the black version of the glare white glare red light gray light green dark gray
  • Work: photoelectric
  • Interface type: USB
  • Number of keys: 6
  • Optical resolution: 2500dpi
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: Genius

Should Bo M600 Phantom mad snake gaming mouse why so good:

Professional chip: Should adopt the other brands of more than 200 segment price only Avago (Avago) A5050 professional gaming chip, positioning more accurate, more responsive.

High-quality wire: Bold braided wire is equipped with anti-interference of the anti-magnetic ring, so that transmission is more stable.

strong and sturdy: Omron 10 million times micro switch, button click long life, durable.

Game adjustment: Fourth gear speed, 2500DPI free to switch.

High rate of return: Professional game mouse is equipped with 2 stalls 250, 500HZ rate of return adjustment!

Comfortable grip: The surface of nano-class skin-like material, more fit the palm of your hand, feel comfortable.

Reduce fatigue: Super comfortable left and right wing design, and can reduce the palm of your hand fatigue, so that grip more comfortable and more relaxed.

M600 gaming mouse has two adjustable rate of return, 250, 500HZ! The level of return directly related to the operation of the game to determine the degree of control and response speed! The higher the rate of return the more you In the game handy, its capability! Mega Phantom Snake M600 depth players love! Public game anchor recommended, select it right.

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