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Wcg computer chair LOL electric chair swivel chair FD0 home ergonomic racing game chair Internet bar bow seat

Product code: -4840600030
Unit price 23.63-73.13$
Sold quantity 13999
Available stock 60920
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Product parameters:

  • Taxi Transportable: Yes
  • Packing volume: 0.2
  • Brand: In the clouds
  • Model: z01
  • Installation instructions Details: Installation instructions provided Installation instructions Video provides a simple installation tool
  • Whether with pedal: Yes
  • Whether the assembly: assembly
  • Style positioning: quality luxury
  • Gross weight: 22
  • Design elements: do the other old tenon wood logs antique master design alien hand-painted splicing folk Roman column rattan metal gold foil silver foil mirror carved
  • Fabric material: artificial leather
  • Color Classification: A section of the foot color of the foot note to increase the section of the Tang and Song and Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties with pedal increase section of the Tang and Song Yuan Ming and Qing Specials bow legs without head pillow waist pillow black red plus large pole black and white color black and red color notes increase blade black and white Black and red color Note to increase the knight sword white red plus large section of the earth ho gold with a large increase in money to the local classic models Hornet knight with a classic knight with foot pedal plus large black and white color black and red Note with foot pedal Black and red color with black and white Note knives plus knights of the classic knights of the classic red and white knights of the classic models of the Tang and Song Dynasties Ming and Qing Dynasties A section of the foot with a foot color Note linen pulley color Remarks linen pulley with foot color Notes classic Paragraph earth ho gold
  • Can be customized: Yes
  • Origin: Zhejiang Province
  • City: Huzhou City
  • material: metal
  • Metal Material: Iron
  • Whether it can lift: Yes
  • Whether to lie down: Yes
  • Can be rotated: Yes
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Yes
  • Five-star foot Material: nylon foot Aluminum foot steel foot
  • Handrail Type: Fixed Armrest Rotation Handrail No Handrails