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SKYUNION 3G wireless router Unicom Telecom SIM card portable portable mobile power portable

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: SKYUNION p010
  • Brand: SKYUNION
  • Model: P010
  • Network Type: 3G
  • Color Classification: Unicom Edition Telecom Unicom dual - mode version of Telecom
  • Wireless transmission rate: other / other
  • Whether built-in firewall: No
  • Condition: New

Case new P010 listed
  • Support telecom UIM card, easy 3G for Wi-Fi
  • Built-in 6000mAh lithium battery, sustainable work 15-20 hours
  • Automatically detects the network connection status, saving power and costs
  • Compact and portable, delicate texture
  • Support 802.11 b / g / n standard, WiFi coverage is wider, higher speed
  • Built-in TF card slot, maximum support 32G card, can be shared via Wi-Fi Storage




Function Description


Standard SIM card slot

Used to insert 3G standard SIM card.


TF card slot

For inserting TF card.


charging port

Micro USB interface.

Used for pairs R8Charge , Input parameters : 5V / 1A.



RJ45 interface.

WAN mode: Connect to Ethernet.

LAN mode: Connect to a computer.


External charging USB port

Standard USB interface.

R8Through which other devices are charged , Output parameters : 5V / 1A.


Power switch



Start the wireless router function and removable storage function, and can use the mobile power function.


External charging mode, only the mobile power function.


shut downR8.


Reset button

R8Restore factory settings, and restart.


Network port indicator

Blue light

Always on

Indicates that the network cable is plugged in.

not bright

Indicates that no network cable is detected.


Indicates that the network interface has data transmission.


Battery status indicator

Red, yellow, blue and green lights

Charging status, the current battery indicator light flashes.When fully charged, the green light.

Red: Battery charge <3.7V

Yellow: 3.7V <battery power <3.9V

Blue light: 3.9V <battery power <4.05V

Green: 4.05V <battery power

Non-charged state, the current power indicator light

Red: Battery charge <3.4V

Yellow: 3.4V <battery power <3.7V

Blue light: 3.7V <battery power <4.0V

Green: 4.0V <battery power


WIFI status indicator

Blue light

Always on

Indicates that the WIFI function is enabled.

not bright

Indicates that the WIFI function is off.


Indicates that the WIFI has data transfer.


Device operating status indicator

Red and blue lights

Blue light is always on

Indicates that the network is connected, including 3G, WAN, WISP.

Blue light flash

Said is connection Process.

Blue light slowly flash

Indicates that the user is currently set to Wired or WISP, but the network is not connected successfully.

Red light on

When the 3G network is connected, it indicates that the system is booting or the 3G signal is weak (when the 3G signal is weak, but the 3G network can be connected successfully, the blue light and red light will be on at the same time).

Red light flash

Only for 3G Internet access, that did not find the 3G module.

Red light slowly flashing

For 3G Internet access only, it means that the SIM card is not detected or the dialing fails.