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8thdays refrigerator air purifier | Car odor deodorant | fresh food pesticide degradation sterilization detoxification

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: 8thdays
  • Model: refrigerator Defender
  • Color classification: Sky blue

There Yen value, do not replace sterilization deodorant - refrigerator elves!

[Tips] have Jiangdang and general stalls thing as the more power consumption, continuous use days will change the battery, the life of the product will affect the long-term thing as recommended normally used, with the general stalls can be, in particular odor concentrated a little time to open about such thing oh ~

You still use the traditional charcoal refrigerator package or adsorption deodorant?
Every few months will change a lot of trouble, right?
To a permanent solution!
In addition to not only taste better than conventional praise, more importantly, there!
Sterilization! Fresh! Degradation of pesticide residues! ~ ~ Effect!

Reactive oxygen sterilization technology has been widely used in foreign countries, and now to your home!
Good product, not afraid of testing - try to know! 15 days no reason returned!
Shipping back and forth we assume - truly free trial!

P.S. You need two AA batteries 1 Oh, the product is not attached ~~