XL male cotton plaid shirt sunscreen plus fertilizer king fat Nutty Men's cotton long-sleeved shirt

XL male cotton plaid shirt sunscreen plus fertilizer king fat Nutty Men's cotton long-sleeved shirt

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listed year season: Spring 2015
  • Thickness: General
  • Material Composition: 100% cotton
  • Sleeve: long-sleeved
  • Product Number: BL851
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Version: Standard
  • Collar: Collar
  • Color: BL875 BL871 cotton cotton brown large lattice grid Tibetan turquoise blue orange cotton BL863 BL872 small box red and black cotton yellow stripe cotton classic Langer BL859 BL865 new cotton red cell BL870 BL868 pure cotton black and white large format cotton red cell BL877 European and American cotton Hyun Langer BL860 BL851 cotton red and blue stripe cotton indigo cotton sea green grid grid BL839 BL861 BL855 Milan Ge cotton cotton red stripe BL866 yellow striped cotton pure cotton Langer 501 505 503 white cotton plain black cotton wine red 502 blue 507 blue cotton cotton cotton deep sea 506 Violet 508 meters cotton pure red cell cotton gray BL878 BL876 cotton red and black grid
  • Size: 38 39 40 4,142,434,445,464,748
  • Fabric classification: flannel (sanding)
  • Brand: Super Group
  • Material: Cotton
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Application scenarios: Other leisure
  • Season: Spring
  • Suitable for: middle-aged
  • Basic style: Business gentleman
  • Style subdivision: Business casual
  • Pattern: plaid
  • Clothing Technology: Other
  • Clothing style details: Other

BL855Cotton Red stripe

BL851 cotton indigo grid

BL839 cotton Sea Green Grid

BL876Cotton Red and black grid

BL878Cotton red rice grid

BL877Hyun blue cotton grid

BL856Cotton Red cell

BL851Cotton Indigo grid

BL860Cotton Red and blue stripe

BL861Cotton Milan Ge

BL858Cotton Blue grid

BL870 large grid of black and white cotton

BL868 European and American cotton red grid

BL869 cotton small green grid

BL857Cotton A plurality of grid

BL859Cotton New red cell

BL866 yellow striped cotton Langer

BL863 cotton orange and blue small frame

BL865 cotton classic Langer

BL871 cotton Tibetan green grid

BL872 red, black and yellow cotton grid

BL875 brown cotton large grid

Pure white cotton

Pure cotton black

Cotton Pure blue

Cotton Deep blue

Cotton Violet

Cotton Red wine

Pure cotton gray color